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Plasma Needle Could Replace the Feared Dentist's Drill


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What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase “advances in technology"? - for some people it might indicate that the methods and procedures the new about something are about change or become obsolete. When it comes to the field of dentistry these changes have altered the way doctors treat illnesses or dental problems. Today we're going to talk about one of the dentist's drill, this device is very common in his used a lot by dentists in order to perform dental cleanups, root canals, etc. this drill has a very distinctive sound which remains permanently recorded on the minds of young children who will avoid to go to the dentist at almost all costs because of the fear of it.

Most people will agree that the dentist drill is a tool which is better used at least 10 feet away from us, unfortunately this tool is crucial for dentists so we can't discard its use. In order to address this concern as well as to create new tools which can be used in the field of dentistry or general medicine, physicist Eva Stoffels-Adamowicz came up with the revolutionary idea of creating a plasma needle.

At this point you might be thinking: a needle? That doesn't sound very friendly! - to continue describing this fascinating item we must say that the tip or needle is actually flaming plasma which has been created by a controlled amount of electrons which are sent through the body of the device, does that make it better? - it goes without saying that most people will say that it doesn't sound like an improvement, if anything it sounds even worse than before but the real unexpected twists of the story is that this flaming needle made of plasma is actually cold to the touch and can be used for cutting, drilling and killing bacteria without causing any pain at all. The physicist who came up with the idea says that the ones that plasma needle has been fine-tuned it can be used to perform surgeries which are virtually pain-free.

The plasma needle can also be calibrated and said to just kill bacteria in a person's mouth or it can be set hot enough in order to cauterize an open wound. This concept was released in 2006, 2 years later it is still being researched and developed by highly capable individuals in different countries, it might take a few more years for the plasma needle to be given proper biomedical uses but in the meantime it is very exciting to know that most of the old tools are being replaced by new ones which are way more effective, efficient and will not be feared by people. is a reputable Glasgow dentist blog which offers information about general dentistry. To learn more about dentist Glasgow , visit our site today!


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