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The Case For Plastic Surgeon Malpractice Insurance

Maria Palma

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Plastic surgery as a medical procedure is the most highly sued and is among the top most high- risk medical specialties. Half of all medical malpractices cases are filed against surgeons although they are a minority among physicians. One in every three of the board certified cosmetic surgeons is sued every year for malpractice. Thus, plastic surgeons remain the most vulnerable among all surgeons. They definitely need a good plastic surgeon malpractice insurance policy if they do not have one already.

Besides malpractice insurance, proper communication between the surgeon and the patient is of paramount importance. Take the time and explain things to the patient in great detail in order to avoid any kind of litigation afterwards. All the procedures must be elaborated upon if the patient so desires, and all doubts cleared before the actual surgery.

It is in the interest of a plastic surgeon that he also portrays a realistic picture of the outcome to be expected at the end of the procedure. Most litigation arises out of unrealistic expectations of patients. When they are clear about the extent of the benefit of the surgery, they are less likely to sue the surgeon.

Proper documentation is equally important and relevant papers must be maintained throughout the period. This will help in case the plastic surgeon is sued for malpractice and also help any misunderstandings that may occur later with the patient.

Plastic surgeons have an inherent interest in stabilizing the malpractice liability atmosphere in the country. They are possibly the most susceptible to these malpractice suits and they tend to pay the highest premiums for their professional liability insurance.

The biggest advantage for a plastic surgeon is that the juries usually do not grant large compensation to the victims as they believe they are partly responsible. It is deemed to be not a life threatening situation that needed a surgery and hence the patient has chosen the surgery for cosmetic reasons. Even in cases of permanent disfiguration, the courts are unlikely to award punitive damages to the doctor.

Plastic surgeons, like all other medical professionals, must obtain plastic surgeon malpractice insurance to offset the perils and expenditure of lawsuits based on medical malpractice. Premiums for these policies vary from place to place; Connecticut and Florida have the highest whereas Oklahoma and Nebraska have lower premiums.

Insurance agencies assess the risks involved in each type of surgery that the doctor is going to undertake before determining the exact premium amount to be charged. The condition under which the operation is to be conducted is also of prime importance, such as the anesthesia procedure to be adopted during the surgery. General anesthesia is generally considered more risky than local anesthesia.

With the passage of time, insurance companies are now able to differentiate the skill levels of each plastic surgeon's based on the training that he has undergone. This helps them in customizing the plastic surgeon malpractice insurance policies to suit each of the cosmetic surgeons. There is a constant endeavor on the part of the plastic surgeon associations to negotiate better terms with the insurance providers so that the surgeons are adequately covered for risks that are inherent in their profession.

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Maria Palma is a freelance writer and internet marketer dedicated to helping businesses expand their online presence. If you are seeking plastic surgeon malpractice insurance , you can request a free quote online.


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