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Party Equipment, Rental Equipment Insurance and Loss


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Rental equipment companies, ranging from scaffolding services to party goods and outlets, can experience significant loss as a result of theft and vandalism. National Equipment Register (NER) estimates that over $1 billion a year in rental and party goods are stolen. Unfortunately, the rate of recovery for these items is usually low.

By registering your equipment the National Equipment Register, you increase the chances of having stolen items returned to you. This database is also made available to law enforcement officials, so they can track and retrieve your items. The Scaffold Industry Association (SIA) is a similar type of affiliation, which works to promote safety for rental companies who distribute scaffolding and aerial platforms.

How can you protect your rentals? Insure and monitor them

  • Acquire proper insurance for your needs
  • Ask the police to drive by the premises during non-business hours.

* Have the VIN number etched or stamped into the rental items in multiple places, especially hidden places. Keep thorough records that include the VIN number, model number, year and manufacturer.

  • Take photos of your items from multiple angles.
  • Register your goods in a nationally recognized database, like the National Equipment Register.

Equipment theft on a job site can be deterred by security systems, fencing around the perimeter of the property, barriers, secured gates, and strong lighting. Having only one entrance to the rental yard will also help prevent theft. Make sure to keep all site and building keys secured - and do not use combination locks, because those numbers can be given to unauthorized people. Theft can also be prevented by posting warning signs around the property notifying thieves that the equipment is documented and registered. Take inventory of your items often, so you will notice when a piece is missing or when something out of the ordinary happens.

You must take the first step to verify a customer's identity. Keep a copy of his or her driver's license, which will help you track the customer down later and also give him or her subtle notice that rented equipment is monitored. Comparing the license with other forms of identification, like a credit card or car registration, gives you further proof of identity. Some companies even go as far as to ask for a thumb print on the rental agreement. If your customer fails to return the item he or she rented, try not to jump to the conclusion that it has been stolen with criminal intent. You are right to take action, but being negligent to return equipment on time does not automatically mean theft. Make calls to the customer or go to the construction or entertainment site - the rental might still be there.

What do you do when equipment is stolen?

*Use a prepared security plan with your staff. Delegate tasks for each to complete in the event that rental goods are reported stolen.

*Call law enforcement officials as soon as you notice an item has gone missing.

*Call your insurance broker and notify him or her.

*Notify other local dealers in your industry.

Why is it so easy for construction, scaffolding, and party equipment to get stolen? Because often, there is very little security on sites - be they phased development sites, heavy construction projects, and so on, especially in the evenings. Low security means low risk, from the perspective of a thief. Because stolen items are rarely recovered, take precautions by purchasing rental equipment insurance through a trusted broker. This will save your time, your money, and your sanity.

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