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What to do when it’s Time to Make an Auto Insurance Claim in the UK


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Finding a good auto insurance company in UK and being able to buy a policy that you think would be best for your needs could somehow give you peace of mind and a sense of relief because you know that no matter what happens, you and your car will be protected. Look online and get advice from websites like to get the best insurance for your needs. But the whole story doesn’t stop there because that is just the beginning or the first part. The real test and challenge that will prove that you really did a great job in finding the best auto insurance in UK will start when something had really happened and it’s time to make a claim.

Road accidents involving almost all kinds of vehicles happen almost everywhere. These accidents could happen any time of the day and no one could really tell how much damage will be created. Make sure that you always have your auto insurance policy with you or inside your vehicle every time you will use it. This will come in handy should accidents happen and damages occur.

The first thing that you should do after a collision or any accident is to look for a policeman or traffic officer. If you can’t find one, you could just go to a police station and report what happened. Then refer to your auto insurance card or policy for the telephone numbers of your insurance company. It would be better if you could inform them as soon as possible to prevent any issues. Take note of as many details as you can especially the most important ones like the name and contact number of the other party involved. You could also provide them with a copy of the police report to support your claim. You can find more help and advice on insurance claims at .

Upon giving them the notice, they would usually tell you about the requirements that you will have to complete or accomplish before you could file for a claim. They could require you to fill out some forms o documents that will serve as records so make sure that you will write down details as accurate as possible. If there will be no other problems, your car will be taken to a car shop by an auto insurance claim adjuster to be evaluated and assessed. The car shop will forward the details to your insurance company and they will use that to determine the amount that they would cover which is usually the amount of the vehicle.

There are also some cases where you could encounter some conflicts with the other party. This is the part where your version of the story is different from the other one involved. You could expect to get a call from his/her auto insurance company but you don’t have to worry. Just repeat what you have said to your own insurance company and never change even the tiniest details that you could remember. Before you give out any information, make sure that the person on the other end of the line will properly identify himself and you should take note of his name and the insurance company that he’s working for.


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