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Do You Qualify For Cheap Car Insurance? Take This Test!


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It's always a mystery as to why different people get different rates on their insurance. Why do some people get cheap car insurance and others don't? Wouldn't you like to know if you could be one of the lucky ones that can qualify to get cheaper insurance? Take this quick test and see if you could be one of those lucky people that can get a better rate and what you can do to improve your chances of better rates.

- Do you have any safety features installed on your car?

- Do you belong to any professional organizations?

- Are you a senior citizen?

- Do you have a high-risk profession?

- Are you insuring more than one driver?

- Are you willing to insure more then just your vehicle?

- Are you willing to raise your deductible?

- Have you been involved in any automobile accidents within the past year?

- Does your teenager get good grades?

If you checked any of the above questions, you are eligible for a discount on your auto insurance. Let's look at these one-by-one.

1. Safety features installed - If your car came equipped with, or you had installed air bags or anti-theft devices, you qualify for a safety feature discount.

2. Professional Organizations - Some companies will give you a lower rate on your auto insurance if you buy through a group plan from your employer, business or alumni groups, or other associations like AAA.

3. Senior Citizen - The age at which you are considered a senior citizen varies from company to company, but check to see if you have reached that ‘magic’ age. Some organizations give a $300 discount to customers over 50.

4. Profession - Insurance companies have conducted studies that show certain professions have safer drivers. These professions are: educators, scientists, and engineers.

5. Insuring multiple drivers - Companies refer to this as “multi-line" insurance and will give you a better deal if you insure more than one family member with them. They're getting more business, so they give you a break.

6. Insuring more than your vehicle - You will qualify for a multipolicy discount if you buy your auto, home and life insurance from the same insurance company.

7. Assuming more risk - By changing your deductible from the standard $1,000 to $250 you could cut your premium by up to $677 per year.

8. Clean driving record - If you've had no accidents or traffic tickets in the last three to five years, you will qualify for a safe driver discount.

9. Good grades - Many companies will give you a “good student" discount when your child makes a “B" average or above.

So, how did you do? Now that you're armed with knowledge about which discounts you may or may not qualify for, go out and do some comparison shopping so you can take advantage of these discounts and get cheap car insurance.

Go to now for more information to answer your most asked questions about cheap car insurance and how to get the best rates.


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