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Drivers Warned About Driving Without Insurance in the Face of Policy Increases


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Car Insurance is a hot topic in the UK, in past years we've seen people spending more time on choosing their car insurance provider as prices have risen and more providers have entered the ball game. Car Insurance for young or newly qualified drivers has been notoriously high for a long time.

This high rate that these drivers have pay is due to the increased risk of insuring younger and invariably more reckless and less experienced drivers. The problem at the moment isn't so much that it's so expensive but the by-product of this: People simply not bothering with insurance.

Driving without valid car insurance (the minimum in the UK is 3rd party, fire and theft) is illegal and if you're caught then you'll be having a word with the police and a £250 fine. Losing out on £250 may seem like a bad thing to you and me, no one truly likes getting fined. But consider how much the aforementioned new drivers are paying on car insurance. This figure is probably around £1,000 to £1,500 per year.

Worryingly it is estimated that there are around 2 million uninsured, untaxed and even unlicensed drivers in the UK. This is a worrying statistic for law-abiders like me and you who drive responsibly and pay our insurance for our cars, you may think that if they drive without car insurance then more fool them; when they crash their car they will obviously not be able to afford to repair it and will learn their lesson the hard way.

Whilst this is true what about if one of these uninsured drivers was to crash into your car? Then chances are your insurance claim will be hindered due to not being able to do the usual exchanging of details. You should contact the police in this case and make sure you get the car's details and those of the drivers. It is estimated that uninsured drivers are costing decent drivers like you and I £500 million per year or £31 each.

The ironic thing is that this kind of practice is what is keeping insurance policies so prohibitively high; if people were to get insured then insurers have stated they would be able to maneuverer on their pricing. So if the uninsured would get themselves covered then we can all look forward to possibly getting cheap car insurance and more money to spend elsewhere!

If you are looking for car insurance or need to find a better deal then check online with many insurers to find the best car insurance quotes for your particular needs. Check with your motor insurance to see if you can make a saving on your car insurance.


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