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High Risk Car Insurance How to Find Cheap High Risk Auto Insurance Rates For High Risk Drivers


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If you're considered a high risk driver, you can almost guarantee that you'll need high risk car insurance. Unfortunately, being a bad driver is not the only factor that makes car insurance companies consider you a high risk. There are in fact other things that can raise your rates. Learn some of these different things so that you can be prepared to shop around and find cheap auto insurance rates for high risk drivers.

What constitutes a high risk driver?


The cold hard facts are that auto insurance companies consider women less of a risk than men, urban dwellers less of a risk than rural folks and adults less of a risk than teen drivers. More specifically when it comes to men, being under the age of 25, definitely means high risk auto insurance.

Credit History

You wouldn't necessarily think that having poor credit would be cause for high risk car insurance, but sadly it is. Studies have shown that drivers with poor credit are more likely to file a lot of claims. Insurance companies use that data as backup when it comes to charging higher premiums. If you have poor credit, then this might just be good motivation to clean it up a bit.

Driving Record

You knew this one was coming, but did you know that speeding tickets and other road violations could raise your rates as well? It's not just about accidents. Basically, insurance companies require continuous violators to pay for high risk car insurance. Why? Because statistics show that violators are more likely to be involved in a car accident. As a general rule, watch your speed and adhere to driving laws.

Lack of Coverage

Driving without car insurance is taboo. If auto insurance companies see that you've been on the road without coverage or that your previous provider canceled your coverage, then you can expect to pay for high risk car insurance now. Always get your car insured. Doing so will let insurance providers know that you're a responsible driver.

So, how can you improve your status as a high risk driver? Keep in mind that changing your status will take time. Here are some suggestions to avoid high risk car insurance in the future.

Change Vehicles

If you're looking to save some money, you may want to trade in a newer car for an older one. Mature vehicles cost less to cover. In many cases, insurance providers only require you to have liability insurance.

Shop Around

The Internet is a wonderful tool. Take the time to scout out high risk auto insurance companies in your area. Just doing some research may help you find a company with rates more bearable for your wallet.

Alter Your Behavior

If you have a history of poor credit, accidents and traffic violations, it's time to clean it up. Sure, it will take time, but it is very possible to do. Most insurance companies drop insurance premiums if a driver has had a stellar driving record for at least three to five years. Think about taking a safety driver course. Sometimes insurance companies need to see that you're serious about making a change.

For those with poor credit, make sure you pay your bills on time. Consider debt consolidation to make it easier on yourself. Be frugal and stay within your budget. If insurance companies see you making an effort, they might waive your high risk car insurance.

Compare High Risk Car Insurance Quotes Online

Unfortunately, paying for high risk car insurance isn't going to be pleasant if you just accept the first quote that you happen to come across. You must shop around and compare auto insurance quotes from at least 5 different companies. Different companies specialize in high risk car insurance so be sure and do your research. Regardless, you must keep your car covered. Remember that with time, you can make this change. Be patient and ride it out. In due time, you will become a lower risk.

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High Risk Automobile Insurance - Where to Get the Best Rates
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