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Car Insurance - Driving On Holiday


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Every year, thousands of us take to the roads and drive abroad for our holidays. Whether it's a fly-drive holiday in the US or a ferry journey over to France or Holland, many of us choose to escape to and drive on foreign soil.

Indeed, familiarity with our own vehicles has seen many tourists prefer to take their own car abroad on holiday. However, many who run into difficulties whilst abroad find themselves stranded when it comes to car insurance cover.

Imagine the scenario; you're having a nice holiday when suddenly you're involved in an incident. You phone your insurance provider back home and are told you'll be unable to claim as you're only covered on UK roads.

According to European law, policies taken out in the UK entitle us to third-party cover in the entire EU. But not all policies have such cover included, and many usually have to shell out for extra cover before they travel.

Repatriation costs can end up costing as much for a car as for yourself, which can mean a hefty repair bill awaiting you upon returning home from your holidays. By taking the time to give your vehicle a thorough check-up before driving abroad you can potentially save time and money by ensuring your vehicle is in good working order before traveling.

Check both the inside and outside of your vehicle - everything from the tyres to the turn signals. Ensure you have a road atlas of your destination handy, as well as an emergency kit in the glove compartment.

Plan your journey in advance, identifying rest stops along the way and any potential problems you could encounter along the way (such as roadworks or events that might affect traffic, such as festivals)

Be sure to double check your car insurance details to ensure you are covered for your trip. Check expiration dates and details of coverage and entitlement to assistance, most companies may offer additional cover for your excursion abroad for a small fee.

If you require any repairs before taking your vehicle abroad, don't leave it until the last minute, some repairs may take longer than you think and could end up either endangering you and your passengers or risk cutting your holiday short.

By taking the time to check every aspect of the vehicle itself along with your car insurance, you can save yourself a lot of potential hassle, as well as allowing you to make the most of your holiday.

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What Your Driving Means for Your Insurance
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