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Sure Tips for Filing Accident Claims Fairly and Smartly


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Accident Claims are never fun, but you have to play the game the right way to get the money you deserve. The insurance company will always protect its own interest - to give you as little as possible. You have to protect your own rights by playing fair and playing smart. Here are some of the four top tips for filing accident claims fairly and smartly.

Tip 1. Lying Does Not Pay
Rachel was nervous because she had lied. She had told the insurance agent that her hearing was fine before the accident. But the truth was that she could barely hear in her left ear since a boating accident 20 years ago. But Rachel felt there was no way the insurance company would get hold of her old medical records.

But the truth did surface when the insurance company did its background checks, and because she lied the entire accident claims was denied, and Rachel got nothing.

Be truthful to your lawyer, doctor, etc. about your medical condition before and after the accident. Disclose all prior accidents and injuries as insurance companies share accident information in a central database, so there really is no place for you to hide data about your past conditions. And do not fake a post-accident disability. This is easy to detect. If you claim a serious back injury from an accident and get videotaped playing tennis for six hours straight by an insurance company investigator, you will have ruined your case and your future credibility as well.

Tip 2. Don't Underplay Extent of Injury
Don't underplay any actual disability caused by the accident. Some injuries are intermittent, or may grow in severity. Do NOT hesitate to report any and all instances of a disability, even if it varies in severity and duration. Be sure to report all these variations and occurrences to your doctor, and make sure you get a record of the medical reports for the insurance company. Such documentation will be essential to win in an accident claim case. Don't depend on your memory; the court demands proof to investigate and make informed decisions.

Tip 3. Don't Sign a Release Without Checking with Your Lawyer
Insurance companies will want you to sign a release for ‘any and all claims’. Never sign such a release without checking with your lawyer and being completely satisfied with everything contained in the release.

Tip 4. Fight for your Rights
No insurance company is keen to pay you quickly, with the maximum compensation you deserve. It's their job to try to figure out how to reduce their outgoing payments. But don't lose heart. If you follow all the procedures, get a good attorney to help you with your accident claim case, and do all that's necessary, you will have a good chance of winning your case and getting your just dues. Don't let the prospect of a long fight ahead put you off.

Diana Joseph has an in-depth knowledge in dealing with in personal injury claims . She has written numerous articles on injury claims and accident claim process, particularly those involving car accident and other topics of claims. Please contact her for further information on claims related issues.


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