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The Importance of Malpractice Insurance For Medical Students

 Maria Palma (September 20, 2013)  Medical malpractice insurance is an important part of a medical student’s curriculum. Some schools do have their own malpractice insurance that will cover students, but typically when a student is applying to med schools in the United States, more than likely the school will request proof of having a malpractice insurance policy before enrolling in classes. Medical malpractice .. (Buying)

Why Should Physicians Have Malpractice Insurance?

 Maria Palma (August 14, 2013)  When a physician strays from the standards set by the medical community, in terms of acting in negligence which results in an illness, an injury or even death to someone under their care, it amounts to a medical malpractice which could have dire consequences on the career of a physician. Despite doing their best never to have such a situation arise, a medical negligence could occur, .. (Buying)

Advantages of Searching Insurance Policies Online

 Philip Knight (February 04, 2013)  The rapid growth of the Internet has made pursuing knowledge about almost anything and everything pretty easier. The Internet has spread to insurance market as well. You will have many advantages, if you go for search insurance policies online. You will get a great amount of knowledge about insurance online for different purposes including life insurance, general insurance, auto .. (Buying)

Advantages of insurance quotes online

 Jyotsna Tahilramani (October 07, 2012)  Getting insurance quotes has never been easier. All you need to do is log on and make a few clicks and one will come across different insurance quotes online. As a client one can visit any site and get detailed information on different insurance plans and the quotes to make some good comparisons. There are some reliable brokers who can help you connect to the most reliable insurance .. (Buying)

Getting individual health insurance online

 Jyotsna Tahilramani (October 07, 2012)  Sometimes, the strength in numbers is not the best option. We are referring to the group health insurance plan. It sure brings down those premiums but the plan may not work in the best interest of each individual. This is the reason why an increasing number of consumers are taking a higher interest in individual health insurance for the best benefits. In case you are sick or suffering .. (Buying)

Getting free insurance quotes easily

 Jyotsna Tahilramani (October 07, 2012)  It can be quite a daunting task getting insurance. After all, we need to make efforts and spend time and money to get the best insurance cover for our home, family, auto or life. Thankfully, most insurance companies have their websites and one can go on the web and make some good comparisons. With the competition getting tough among different insurance companies, it is no surprise to .. (Buying)

How to Pay LIC Premium online

 Aditi Sawant (September 13, 2012)  " LIC is one of the top life insurance company of India with more than 2000 branches and 8 zonal offices in India. LIC has more than 250 million lives insured and has 100% Government of India stake. The company has been serving since 1956 and now equipped with technology and IT. Earlier LIC customers have been dependent on agents to pay premium but now LIC has taken an essential .. (Buying)

Why Doctors Should Have Physician Malpractice Insurance

 Maria Palma (December 28, 2011)  It is not common for patients to sue doctors for negligence or for failing to exercise due diligence when treating patients. This is usually known as malpractice, and it can cost the doctor a fortune. The court can ask the doctor to pay the patient for damages caused if it is proven that the doctor failed was responsible. Physician malpractice insurance offer doctors with financial .. (Buying)

Insurance and financial advisory services

 Fionna Petirson (December 08, 2011)  Financial advisory services work with individuals and organizations to tell them the ideal place to invest their free cash. Some financial advisors specialize in recommending asset investments like stocks and bonds, some financial advisors focus on private means of investing extra cash (such as investing the cash back into your organization) and most financial advisors will be involved .. (Buying)

Reduce Your Insurance Rates With Helpful Tips

 Ed Harris (November 09, 2011)  Insurance can be expensive. If you pay for your car, home, medical, life, disability or dental insurance, costs seem to always increase. And as your family increases, the rate hikes can be very shocking. But there are alternatives! Listed below are 12 solutions that will help. Notify your broker if you belong to organizations like AARP, AAA or your local Chamber Of Commerce. You may be . (Buying)

How To Buy Affordable Insurance

 Ed Harris (September 05, 2011)  What is the best way to buy insurance? Online? Directly through a broker? Directly from the insurance company? Millions of policies are purchased in the US every year utilizing all of these delivery systems. In fact, sometimes, consumers utilize all three methods. We’ll let you decide which method is best for your specific situation. Buy Insurance Online When you purchase a .. (Buying)

Understand Less Popular Insurance Policies

 Lorne Marr (August 09, 2011)  Today, let’s take a peek at three types of insurance products offered to everybody that are subject to myths or remain mostly unkown. My short list should provide an overview of what’s available out there. Mortgage Life Insurance Mortgage life insurance is a plain silly idea, and it is a wonder that it is even legal. The insurers compel you to pay for coverage that shrinks .. (Buying)

Public Liability Insurance Brokers

 Jenny Pilley (March 03, 2011)  If your working environment dictates the need for you to engage in regular contact with the public, liability insurance is a must to protect yourself, your business and those around you at all times. There are many environments that pose a risk to the public, with a leading example of this being the construction sector. When you are looking for the best insurance provider, call upon the . (Buying)

Buy Buildings and Contents Home Insurance Online

 Joel Tarplin (February 28, 2011)  If you're looking to buy home insurance, you may have already encountered the frustration of trying to find the best deal possible. This can be a time-consuming process, as providing your full details and requirements to each separate provider over and over again may begin to take its toll. However looking online for your buildings and contents home insurance is an easy and convenient .. (Buying)

3 Tips for 1st Time Insurance Buyers

 Stuart Broad (February 27, 2011)  Insurance is often referred to as a ‘grudge purchase’. When one considers that insurance is an item we buy with the hope of never using it, then it is easy to understand the animosity consumers feel about handing their hard-earned money over to insurance companies. However when the unexpected does happen, insurance is vital for cushioning the financial blow that follows. .. (Buying)

What Is the Tactic when You Need Life Or Health Insurance after Having a Stroke?

 Lorne Marr (February 15, 2011)  Even though one survives a stroke, it does not yet mean that he or she cannot purchase an insurance plan. Stroke patients suffer either from anomalies in the way brain veins supply oxygen to the brain tissue, or from dangerous blood leakage inside their brain. Strokes may be slow, which are the cases when small quantities of blood leak into the brain tissue in small doses. As the blood . (Buying)

The Seven Commandments of Buying Life Insurance

 Lorne Marr (August 01, 2010)  When acquiring life insurance, keep a careful eye out for the following seven pitfalls you can fall into: To try and make you part with your money, some unscrupulous brokers will try to get you to purchase additional or new policies which gives them more income. Replacement often does make sense, as term charges have decreased across the board in recent years. If you have a whole .. (Buying)

Facts About Taking Out Mortgage Insurance When You're Buying a House

 Lorne Marr (August 01, 2010)  One area of Insurance that few people understand is their Mortgage Life Insurance. These types of purchases are often taken out when a lender authorizes a mortgage and the person applying for the mortgage just accepts it as part of the procedure. If you look through this type of purchase from your lending institution, you will see it is no more than Term Life insurance. The payments .. (Buying)

Critical Illness Insurance Helps Ease Financial Impact of Breast Cancer

 Lorne Marr (July 28, 2010)  Economic worries when you or a loved one is suffering from breast cancer is obviously a burden you don't want to cope with – there are more important things you want to focus on. As reported by the Vancouver Sun a few weeks ago, The Canadian Breast Cancer Network has published a survey that “firmly places breast cancer as an monetary as well as health issue. " Of the 400 .. (Buying)

Office Insurance Advice

 Jenny Pilley (May 24, 2010)  Many offices fall victim to crime, due to the number of computers, technical equipment, information and valuable items held within the premises. Whilst many business owners choose to protect their office by installing alarms, CCTV, entry systems and even manned guards – from time to time even the toughest security features can fail to prevent a crime from occurring. One insurance .. (Buying)

What Does Shop Insurance Cover?

 Jenny Pilley (May 17, 2010)  There is a lot to think about when running a shop and busy shop owners do not always have the time to fully research the most appropriate insurance cover. Yet, it is extremely important that business owners invest in this important cover, to protect against a number of factors. Just imagine if part of your store was damaged or a member of the public was injured whilst in the shop, would . (Buying)

Are You Fully Aware Of The Cover Your Policy Provides?

 Adam R. Singleton (April 29, 2009)  The average contents insurance policy covers your possessions against loss or damage from a number of different perils; including storm damage, fire, flood, theft, and water and oil leaks to name but a few. Many also include accidental damage cover as standard, but there is further cover offered that many people are simply unaware is standard as part of their policy. Here are a few .. (Buying)

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