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How To Increase The Results Of Your Direct Mailers For Turning 65 Leads

Gallion Daino

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Turning 65 prospects are no doubt one of the most thriving businesses in the insurance practice. Most insurance professionals, at some point or another, take a shot at generating business from this section of the population, as a few succeed yet most leave without a success. Needles to mention that direct mail is one of the main marketing tools used to generate Turning 65 Leads. Sending mail to the people who are Turning 65 by direct mail in a particular area will not necessarily achieve a successful campaign and generate quality Turning 65 leads. In order to get a better return on your investment, you have to consider more important factors to be able to target the right prospects to obtain quality leads.

It is strongly recommended for insurance agents to have detailed knowledge on their prospects within the specific geographical area they are targeting. Nonetheless, it is not the demographics of the prospects in some specific region. In reality, the demographics of the insurance agent's own prospects are the most important factor to be contemplated. This in turn will greatly affect the design of the mailing list, which is indeed targeting the right prospects who are Turning 65.

The mailing list must also be designed to include more details. It is also crucial for insurance professional to pay more attention to the exact age of the prospects as to whether the prospect will be turning 65 in six month or three months, or maybe just turned 65 or even a month ago. In order to increase the quality of your Turning 65 direct mail leads, it is highly recommended that the insurance agent should know the demographics, as well as the time-line of your prospect's age.

Beside above factors, in order to motivate his prospects to take action, insurance agent should also pay particular attention to the message of the mailer and make it relevant to the demographics of his prospects. As an example, different messages should be incorporated to the prospects who live in a high scale neighborhood who will be turning 65 in six months than to the prospects who live in suburbs who are about to turn 65 this month.

Up to this point we have mentioned the points regarding the importance of prospect demographics, message in your mailer, as well as the importance of timing of your direct mail as to when your prospect is turning 65. However, if you want to run a successful direct mail marketing campaigns to generate quality insurance leads, you should never forget the importance of the design of your mailers. Not surprisingly, the whole topic returns back to the prospects that you are targeting. You should realize that your final decision regarding your mailers will still be dependent upon the knowledge of your prospects as to sending out color or black and white, or maybe larger size than standard size mailers. It is quite obvious what the results will be when sending generic mailers to the prospects with different demographics. There should not be any doubt that the successful direct mail campaigns should have above mentioned ingredients, and most importantly not being generic, as well as targeted to the prospects that you have deep knowledge of.

Preparing your Turning 65 Direct Mailers should undoubtedly start with knowing your prospects intimately. Yet in order to target the right prospects and motivate them to take action your mailers should include carefully selected demographics combined with a well prepared message.

Insurance professionals should be aware that sending generic mailers to prospects with different demographics who live in different social geographical areas will only be waste of marketing resources.

It is strongly recommended to design a well prepared direct mail marketing campaign that consists of well prepared mailing list with respect to the demographics of your prospects, along with a strong message to motivate them at the right time of your prospects who are Turning 65.


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