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Insurance Sales Strategy - 33 of the Best Selling Word Phrases


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The insurance sales strategy in giving a presentation is first to find out what you prospects not only wants but WHY the prospect wants it. However, you have to start a fire burning, if you want a sale made. One of the greatest sales representatives of all time said, “Be enthusiastic and you will sell. " Not only must you be enthusiastic, but also your words must sizzle to get you prospect in the mood to buy your insurance plan right now. Below are some of the key best selling word phrases that work like magic. Avoid at all cost, the dull words that will kill the sale.

SELLING WORD PHRASES not only excite your prospect, but nail in the benefits of your insurance product. The harder you pound the key word hammer, the more the sparks will fly. This is not creating any pressure on your prospect. They are designed for your prospect to feel that you are an authority who knows your product information. You start sounding professional, and that is exactly who prospects want to buy from. They want a motivated, knowledgeable, and trustworthy insurance sales representative that will be around for the next few years.

Provided below are some of the best word phrases to use: Your sales strategy should be to write out your current presentation, or tape record it. Of the 33 phrases listed, see if you can inject at least six into a revived sales presentation. Keep experimenting by trying a few others. Soon you will find some that are essential for you to use regardless of what insurance product you are selling.

Here is a list of the first fifteen insurance selling word phrases:

A cash generating insurance policy, check out these results, accomplish your financial goals, ask yourself this question, everything you expect is included, based on my experiences, can't imagine a better insurance investment, for serious people only, cited for exceptional quality, any competitors call this product unfair, here is the concrete information, contrary to popular belief, now you can cover all the bases, this plan is designed for you, economically sound, a new product backed with extensive research, and financial independence for you.

These are the other 18 best selling word phrases to implement in your presentation:

Gives you the freedom to earn more, integrated with all the best features, funded with security it fills all the gaps for you, fully load with the benefits you asked for, I was not going to mention this but, you gain all the benefits, let's talk strategy, get what you deserve, it is like giving yourself a raise, this is the deluxe edition, there is no additional charge for this, have you ever missed a valuable opportunity, make yourself feel secure, I have only mentioned a few of the ways you benefit, a new innovative concept, it's really an investment in your future, you can measure the results, and new features have just been added.

Using key selling word phrases pulls your prospect along and produces a willingness to buy. Try them, and you will know why. Kiss the days of hard selling and sweating off objections goodbye.

Well published author, Don Yerke likes to concentrate on what you don't know or what no one else dares to print. Tell it like it is. The website address is Get your FREE 160 page Ebook on self confidence (details on 2nd page).


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