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Insurance Experts Are Bozos at Teaching Prospecting Techniques


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In most industries the easiest way to learn is to follow the teachings of someone that can lay out a plan you can follow. In insurance, you have an industry that is not disgraced by the extreme mortality rates of its workers. If you enter a hardware store, you might see a sign “Answers Free", unfortunately there is no store where you can walk out with an inexpensive bag of answers. There are three distinct types of insurance trainers to try.

This first is from the insurance company that hired you. That in particular would be your insurance sales manager. Unfortunately, your company sales manager looks at you as a month to month insurance representative. The goal is to tell you anything, and give you unproductive procedures to make it to the next month. His list of agents two years ago, and the current list, would have few if any names that matched. He is way too inexperienced in true prospecting to show you anything that will do little more that keep you at your current label. In fact, your company sales manager has never been taught true prospecting techniques.

Your second avenue would be to take advantage of all the wonderful continuing education classes. These are excellent at location, at home, at seminar, or at computer classed. They give very fresh information on some of the newest products of the market. In addition, many help lead to you getting a designation after your name. They are low cost and worth almost every penny. The area lacking? Sensible every agent level prospecting is often left out or handled in way too light a manner.

The last is from the leading insurance experts themselves. These are the elite of the elite, who have made multi-millions from insurance sales. You can get a true live experience by attending a national seminar featuring these sales masters. These money-makers have also combined efforts to give mini speeches in books, CDs, and tours. Sometimes a marketing firm will sponsor a seminar featuring these hall of fame members. They will show you the fastest and easiest ways to make millions of dollars. Here you will get some conceptual language, be impressed by their earnings and hear how they did it.

Great, but can you go out tomorrow and use the same prospecting techniques to set up the same presentation and sales procedures that they did? NO. Do they actually care if you can now follow in their tracks? NO Do their ideas send you a giant leap forward? NO Did you learn anything? YES. There is no magic formula they could teach you in 12 months to end your prospecting headaches. You also know leading insurance experts have a lot of different techniques, most you could never use.

Congratulations! The first step to solving your problem, is to realize you have a problem. None of the teaching prospecting techniques provided prospecting solutions.

Nonetheless, you now know more about insurance prospecting techniques than 80% of agents. Here's a cash bundle of free personal tips me, an insurance high level producer. You do not need to have 20 years of experience or an alphabet of designations after your name. Your clients don't have to be business owners and multi-millionaires unless that's the market you want to specialize in. You need deep confidence in yourself and a determination to succeed by doing everything different that 80% or the agents. There are no short-cuts like emailing, telemarketing, phone calling, joining clubs or any other nonsense.

You have to become your own expert at prospecting. Figure out what style of person you are comfortable selling to. Are they a certain age bracket, own a home, distinct occupation, income level, or have children? What two products do you have that you think they need. ? What solution could you provide and feel at ease offering? Find a consumer list broker that can find out this exact list. Next talk to a printer about having your sales piece bulk mailed.

Start thinking like a winner. Selling receptive people with a genuine interest in having you solve their needs means satisfaction, profit, and a high closing ratio. Expect your total lead price to average in the forty dollar range. This is no such think a cheap leads. Don't attempt to sell people way beyond your normal sales range. They can see right through you. Do no go for trash, do no go for treasure. Go for reliable sales. Reliable sales come only from quality lead prospecting.

As sales increase within a similar client group three profitable events occur without further changing your lead prospecting. First you will see the percentage of clients that buy increase from 30% to 50% to 70% and for a real pro up to 90%. Next the average sales amount will gradually increase. The premium might first average $650, then $750, and then escalate to $1,000. The third benefit is that you clients will see your confidence and positive attitude rising toward the sky. Many of them will start buying an additional policy you present.

Just by using this quality lead prospecting program correctly you start the rewards within action. Within two years you could not spend a dime more, not change you clientele, and earn five time what you initially earned. Let the bigwigs be bigwigs and braggers. You can become the plain agent earning over $100,000 yearly just by learning the simple way of doing quality insurance prospecting.

Well published author, Don Yerke likes to concentrate on what you don't know or what no one else dares to print. Tell it like it is. The website address is

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