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How to Avoid Losing Money - Internet Insurance Leads


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Internet Business Opportunity of the Century. You have a base of 1,500,000 annuity, life, and health insurance agents who have already been misled and misguided, into thinking this is an easy occupation to reach $100,000 yearly income occupation. To survive they need all types of life insurance leads to talk to people and make sales.

Unfortunately there are leads for insurance products a business can easily produce with virtually no cost or ethics required. Agents will listen and bite. It sure beats hours and hours of telephone marketing just to get a single lead or appointment. 300,000 of these agents won't be around next year. The lead business will have another fresh 300,000 prospective agents to take their place.

I am not saying EVERY internet insurance lead provider is running an unethical business. I would say the same about a circus midway of carnival booths promoting their amazing abilities and challenges. However, your profit margin on 5 clients weekly, purchasing just $600 worth of leads, could easily create a sweet $100,000 profit yearly income without sweat.

Firm with poor quality leads, entice them with a low price of $10.00 life insurance leads. They have agents rushing with their wallets to you. They personally used telephone telemarketing before, which was free, but not conducive to producing leads. Next these insurance agents tried unproductive email lists. They quick found trash costing $5 a lead, and not much better at $50 each. Insurance agents still have the dream that a miracle method will help make them rich.internet leads can be priced at just about any price, adjusting to adjust their dream.

Let's cut the bull. A very high quality direct mail lead can be produced for $40.00. Therefore a client's internet lead of the same quality should be in the same price caliber. An insurance agent can be easily sold on $500 for 50 leads, $500 for 20 exclusive leads, or $500 for 30 unworked leads. Getting $1,500 to set up a proven quality lead acquisition program is much harder. Vast amounts of agents have immature prospecting maturity. They think sales is a numbers games; see more, sell more. Internet sales leads have closing rates of 10% thru 50%. (70% if direct mail).

Look at an agent making around the average $23,000 first year earnings. His time value equals around $13.00 per hour. Say a $20 internet life insurance leads provides you a 25% closing average, and your gas and time expend another 3 hours. You will spend $246.000 to make one sale. With $10 leads and a 10% closing ratio your making a sale costs nearly $600.00. Compare a $40 quality lead with these. High quality leads average a shorter presentation time and carry higher sales amounts. Look at a realistic total of $130 of expense on the $40 lead. Now you can easily see the following results.

Insurance agents obtaining free internet leads, test leads, or $10 leads will rarely last longer that a year and a half. Insurance agents trying to get by on a few referrals and $20 internet leads are going to have a hard time to bring up their insurance income to a respectable level. Agents using $40 to $60 exceptional quality leads by a reputable list lead provider become the most successful and independent.

LEAD SUPPLIER TRICKS Do you really know how many times a lead will be worked, do you know the actual source of the lead, and do you realize how internet life insurance lead companies make arrangements with other companies for leads. “Non-exclusive" leads are intended to be given up to a dozen agents (figure twice that amount). No wonder the closing rate is 7% to 10%, and very profitable for the internet list company. “Exclusive lead" is told to the agent they are the only one working this lead. How does the agent know it has not already been worked by a direct phone sales life company, and then sold cheap to your list company when no sale could be made. Also if you are the first agent in the lead is exclusive for the first 21 days. It then sold as a non-exclusive lead over and over again.

Do you know if your lead is from a “prospect" or a “sucker"? A prospect is somewhat interested in your product. A sucker is a person who has a hard time saying no, and has emotions of impulse that run higher than needs. You would be amazed at how many of these sucker lists exist. People who have bought over and over from 2 minute TV sales commercials. As the internet life insurance lead suppliers, you know they is an almost too easy source of gaining hundreds and hundreds of leads to sell insurance agents.

In the internet lead business there is one concern. It is not if the client is getting the right insurance from trained agents. Also, the real concern is not on if insurance agents make sales, or how many leads it takes to make the sale. The focus is on how many lead sales can be made with the least money outlay.

If money is more important than ethics, examine how easy and inexpensive your can start an internet business selling internet leads to a ready and naïve group of endless life and health insurance agents.

As an insurance agent beware of terms like “20 free leads", “cheap". “non-exclusive", “trial", “discounted". “sale package", “introductory offer", “at no cost", and “complimentary". Non-ethical firms use these terms to prying at your emotions of saving money. YOU MUST concentrate your emotions on making money.

Well published author, Don Yerke likes to concentrate on what you don't know or what no one else dares to print. Tell it like it is. The website address is

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