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From Heart Breaking to Record Breaking


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Sales business especially insurance business is a tough business. It is not meant for faint-hearted. On the average 1 out of 10 insurance agents survive till the 4th year. The balance 9 agents walk out of their business and give up their dreams.

Before you decide to venture into any sales business, you must understand the rules of the game if you want to excel in this business. You don't want to be just an average salesperson. One of the rules of the game is that you must be willing to sacrifice your short term leisure for long term reward. There are no two ways about it.

Working hard alone is not enough, a salesperson has to face many challenges. In selling, the word a salesperson hates to hear most is “No". Many salespeople react emotionally towards prospects who say “No". The word “No" is a big blow to their ego and to their self-confidence. They simply interpret the word “No" as if their prospects do not like their face.

Is it true that when a prospect says “No", he expresses his dislike against the salespeople? Unfortunately, many salespeople choose to interpret that way. Perhaps before we turn emotional, it is good for us to take a step back to understand why the prospects say “No".

A prospect may say “No" due to a variety of reasons. She may say “No" because she does not understand the products or services you offer, she simply needs more explanation from the salespeople.

He may say “No" because he is having a financial situation, he needs some time to get the cash he needs to buy the products or he needs advice how to solve the problems in a more affordable manner.

The prospects say “No" because they are still not able to see how this product or service can be of help to solve their problems, they simply need more explanation.

Many salespeople feel rejected when their prospects say “No". In fact, if success is a package, rejection is an integral part of it. As if water is made from hydrogen and oxygen, water could not exist in the absence of oxygen.

Achieving success without going through the pain of rejection is like winning a tournament just because your opponent fails to turn up. You always have the doubt if you deserve the win and you don't enjoy the success.

Every rejection is one step forward to success. If your closing ratio is 1:5 or on the average it takes you to see 5 prospects to close one case, then every “No" you get from your customer is one step closer to the close.

Instaed of feeling frustrated, we should celebrate every “No" we get. It simply means we are approaching a “Yes" soon.

We owe ourselves a duty to succeed in life. There is always a price tag attached to the reward we receive at the end of the day. The question we have to ask ourselves is “Are we willing to pay for the price?"

Armed with your mission, hold on to your dreams, stay focus on your goals and regularly recharge yourself with motivational and inspirational thoughts, you should be able to overcome challenges on your route to success.

Rejection is after all a perception. It is our interpretation of rejection that transforms us from being a victim to a victor, from heart breaking to record breaking.

I am an insurance sales coach who has been in insurance business in the past almost 2 decades. I have an website i. e. and a blog at


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