What Are Insurance Policy Loans?


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Do you own an insurance policy? Most of us do. If you own a policy, are you aware that in certain circumstances, you can actually take out a loan through your insurance?

People enter into insurance contracts because they would like to have something to fall back on in case they experience a loss in the future. The contract of insurance provides that the insured or policy holder must pay premiums during a specified period and when the maturity period comes, the insurer or the company paid to manage the risk is mandated to pay the policy holder the agreed proceeds.

An insurance contract is specifically entered into by the policy holder to cover him in times of losses, both referring to the loss of his life or a family member, or any financial loss.

The common belief is that the insurance policy can only be used to shield the policy holder against losses upon its maturity. On the contrary, policy holders can benefit from their insurance policies even before they reach their maturity stage.

An insurance policy holder who is in need of cash can opt to take a policy loan on his life insurance policy. This means that the policy holder can borrow money from the insurance company by using the total value of his life insurance as a collateral or guarantee.

A policy holder who is in the middle of a financial crisis and who has no other means of getting financial aid has no choice but make use of his policy loan option to solve his problem. However, people who still have other means of getting financial aid should consider the advantages and disadvantages of getting a policy loan.

People opt for policy loans because of the relatively low interest as compared to other loans. Other people borrow on their policies with lower interest rates and pay their loans that are high interest-bearing. Others borrow on their policies so they will get more dividends when the time for dividend distribution comes and they have paid up their loans. It is always easier to borrow under a policy loan because of the hundred percent approval rating provided the amount loaned is not greater than the total cash value of the life insurance or the premiums you have paid.

Availing of a policy loan is usually the fastest way to get a loan and there are no restrictions as to how the amount would be spent.

Taking a policy loan is always a better option than terminating your insurance policy as it may have a very low cash surrender value at that point. It is also a better option as compared to withdrawing from your accumulated or total cash value because the latter choice will entail tax payments.

While a policy loan may have its advantages, it is also disadvantageous for the policy holder because his ignorance or failure to know the basic rules on policy loans can result to a greater financial problem.

Policy loans are just like regular loans in the sense that the borrower has to pay them at a specified period. Also, if you avoid paying your policy loans with your total cash value because it will result in a lower or even zero cash value in the long run. When this happens, the insurance company can terminate your insurance contract and you will be forced to either pay the policy loan or surrender your policy. The latter choice will result in more financial problems as it will require you to pay charges as well as taxes.

Some people who can no longer pay their premiums resort to taking a policy loan and allowing their insurance policies to be terminated. If you think you can benefit from this then better think again because it may just backfire or work against you. Taking a policy loan is advisable only for the best reasons like if you no longer have other sources of funds and you are faced with an emergency. If you feel the need to take a policy loan just because you want to go on a tour or you want to buy something which is not a necessity then better forget it.

Borrowing on your insurance policies should not be done capriciously because it can endanger your coverage when you need the money most. When borrowing on a policy loan, make sure you pay it back or take the risks of having your cash value depleted, your insurance policy terminated, or your lifeline reduced or even removed when you need it most.

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