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What Is The Role Of A Loss Assessor


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Loss assessor – you have probably heard the phrase before but do not quite understand the job they do. Loss assessors can help you in insurance claims and this informative article shows you how hiring a loss assessor can ensure that a business hit by disaster can ensure a solid trading life in the future.

You may be familiar with the phrase loss assessor but be unsure as to the role they play in business interruption insurance claims and domestic insurance claims. Loss assessors are important to ensuring you get a decent amount of money from any insurance claims you or your company make. Often loss assessors specialise in business and domestic claims and tend to help clients with theft claims, flood claims and fire insurance claims. When disaster strikes your business or home you need to hire a loss assessor to ensure you get the possible financial payment for your company.

Is there a process I should follow when hiring a loss assessor?

There are no strict guidelines or process to follow but for the most successful claims a pattern is identifiable. When you make an insurance claim to an insurance company they will appoint a loss adjuster to your case. A loss adjuster is there to make sure you receive a fair settlement it is to be remembered that they still work for, and answer to, the insurance company. This means they will be trying to ensure that the insurance company pays out as little money as possible in the settlement. A loss assessor has a similar set of values, skills and training to a loss adjuster but they will be hired by you or by your business. As the loss assessor answers and reports to you they will be fighting to ensure that you receive the largest amount of money possible from the claim. A loss adjuster does not help with any of the insurance documentation that you will have to fill in – but the loss assessor will. The loss assessor will be filling all the documentation for you and dealing with all the technical aspects of the claim that you would otherwise struggle with. When you are dealing with a disaster claim either at work or at home this will relief the stress and strain of having to deal with these technical aspects yourself.

What kind of claim can a loss assessor help me with?

Loss assessors can help with a variety of claims but some of the more common ones are:

  • Business interruption insurance claims – helping fill the financial gaps in your income
  • Business flood insurance claims – from major flooding of business to natural disasters that affect the home
  • Business water damage insurance claims
  • Business fire insurance claims – these can ruin a business in a couple of minutes and so financial recovery can be difficult
  • Domestic insurance claims related to subsidence, burglary and explosions

What is the premium time to hire a loss assessor?

It is recommended that you hire a loss assessor immediately after the disaster has happened – this will help you or your business secure a better financial payout as the loss adjuster will be reducing your claim amount for any questions and queries that you answer wrongly.

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