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Saving Intelligently - Ways To Pay Less For Insurance


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You can save by slashing off important aspects of your insurance policies. That's not saving intelligently because you actually lose more by exposing yourself to avoidable pains. But if you find a way of paying less while maintaining adequate coverage, then you're saving intelligently. Here are some smart ways to pay much less. . .

1. You can bring down your rate by joining a group health expense sharing plan. This is a plan where a group of people teams up to give themselves health insurance coverage. You can find such groups in large organizations. Each group usually fashions its guiding set of rules, the kind and extent of coverage given, limitations if any and more.

Try to find such groups and find out if any of them will suit your personal health care needs. Spotting a group like this that meets your requirement will get you health insurance coverage at a lower rate.

2. Some persons are not poor enough to be eligible for plans for low-income earner and as well have financial constraints that make traditional health insurance unaffordable. A discount medical card is a more affordable option for people like that.

A discount medical card qualifies you to take advantage of a network of health care providers who have agreed to provide card carriers health care services at a lower rate. Such cards are not issued by insurance companies.

It's also a great alternative for people with a pre-existing health condition that will disqualify them from most health insurance companies or make them pay very exorbitant health insurance premiums. One advantage of a discount medical card is that everybody can use it.

You just need to pay a monthly fee to qualify to use their network of doctors.

3. You can reduce your rates by not drinking alcoholic beverages. Drinking increases your health risk. You well know that many ailments can be traced to heavy drinking.

How much alcohol would be harmful to you as an individual? I cannot advise you on that since I am not an expert on such matters. What I'm sure of is that avoiding drinking completely is very safe. For people who can't quit completely, try to drink in moderation.

But I'm told it's more difficult to drink in moderation than it is to quit. Ask for help if you want to give up alcohol. There are groups that help alcoholics quit drinking.

4. Smoking will make you pay very high rates. Smokers are more prone to die at a tender age and are also more likely to contract many deadly diseases.

If smoking results to certain health problems, then it makes a person a high health insurance risk and that attracts higher rates. Once you quit smoking for about twelve months tell your present insurer or reapply to another insurer and you will see a considerable drop in your health insurance premium.

5. Don't let yourself become shortchanged by the cheapest quote as you shop for affordable health insurance. You should be wary of a cheap quote that does not give you a good value to price ratio. If the cheapest price has everything that is of value to you, then choose it. But where you don't find the right value in the lowest rate, you'll be making the right decision if you spend more to ensure you really get the quality of health insurance coverage that is right for you.

Many a cheap quotes may be so because the insurance carrier has slashed off a few features. A health insurance plan that gives insufficient coverage isn't worth it even if it's five times lower than the quote that offers you the right health insurance coverage.

6. Get and compare health insurance quotes if you want to make considerable savings. Visit not less than five of such for the best results. It's free, quick and easy. You can get quotes that will have a range in excess of $2,000.

You could easily save so much by just going with the lowest health insurance quote. And, you know that because your chances of receiving lower health insurance quotes is proportional the range of quotes you obtain, the more insurers you get quotes from, the better your chances. .

Here are great pages for health insurance quotes. . .

Health Insurance Quotes

InsureMe Health Insurance Quotes

Chimezirim Odimba writes on insurance.


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