Losing Weight - What is Successful?

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Weight loss subscription, fad diets, magic pills, weight loss food bars, weight loss equipment, etc: these are some self-proclaimed weight loss solutions that flood our market today. But I tell you this: none of the given weight loss methods will guarantee that you will lose excess weight permanently. To be fair, some of these may be effective and will surely help you shed of some pounds when using it. But the long term effect of any of these methods will tell you that you will be better off not adapting one at all. Now you ask; among these methods and other methods not mentioned, what is the most successful?

If you limit your choices to these remedies on loosing weight, the answer is, “none". Why? Simply because their effects are all “temporary" and eventually, all the pounds you lose while using these temporary remedies will go back- and more. Say for example the weight loss pills. Manufacturers of these pills will tell you that their products will help you lose “x" pounds in “x" weeks. Not bad right? And they are telling the truth. In fact, weight loss pills are so effective in helping people lose weight that there was a time that they become very popular. But think of this: who will volunteer to take these pills for the rest of his or her life?

Some may raise his or her hand but nobody is so sure that they are really entertaining the idea of taking weight loss pills for the rest of their life. It's not the price but the side effects of these pills- the same reason why the market for weight loss pills suddenly went dead during at the height of its popularity. This is not limited to weight loss pills, however. Other weight loss methods are proven to be successful for a while but will never really assure a permanent effect. Regardless if the reason for not continuing the use any of these weight loss methods is human decision or unhealthy side effects, the truth remains the same that they are just there to fulfill the short term goal.

Now, if you are considering all the options known to man, then “healthy eating and regular exercise" is the successful way to lose weight.

Why is “healthy eating and regular exercise" effective?

There are 2 main culprits why you gain unnecessary weight: unhealthy eating and unhealthy lifestyle. If you solve these two, you solve your weight problem and start to lose weight. Food is important to give the energy you need to perform everyday activities. If you eat more, you have more fuel to spare. But if you do not use this extra fuel, it will form into fat and will stay in your body for as long as it takes. What you need is the right food intake in order to burn this fat and eventually lose weight. On the other hand, if you eat less than what your body requires for a prolonged period of time, you will become weak and ill. Therefore, you need the right nutrition so that you burn the fat in your body at the same time, stay fit and healthy. Losing weight starts at the right eating that should be followed by regular exercise in order to facilitate the burning of fats.

What is healthy eating?

Healthy eating means getting the right selection of food to keep your body fueled at the same time not storing excess energy that will turn into fat. Eat more fruits and vegetables; more protein-rich foods such as meat, pulses, eggs, and fish; more starchy foods like wholegrain rice, pasta, bread, and potatoes; and less fat, salt, and sugar.

But remember that cutting your food intake and exercising regularly alone will not guarantee you to lose weight. You need to know the amount of right food you should eat and the intensity of exercise that your body needs in order to effectively lose weight but stay healthy. This is why it is advisable to seek for professional advice that will help you achieve the ideal weight of your body. Seek the help of nutritionist to guide you with the best and most effective long term weight loss program tailor-made just for you.

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The Real Information on Losing Weight 10 Weight Loss Myths Debunked
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