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There are a few things ever small business owner in Florida should know when they are looking into health insurance. To start good insurance is not cheap, but having great employee retention is priceless. I am an independent insurance agent with I see time and time again small business owners trying to balance a profit, a good health insurance option, and piece of mind. Here are couple tips to help

1) Always work with an independent agent. Use the market to your advantage. The agent will work to find you the best plan out there.

2) Keep in mind the make up of your group. Are they older, younger or families. This will have a huge effect on your bottom line.

3) Women cost more to insure than men

4) Always keep checking to make sure there is not a better deal. You do not have to wait for your renewal to change policies

5) In Florida as an employer you are required to pay a minimum of 50% of the policy.

6) Ask about HSA and HRA. If you are not familiar with them speak to an independent agent.

These are just a few quick items that I have come across in the small business insurance world here at Know these bits of information will help you have an understanding of what does into your health care costs.

Thank you and if you have additional questions please contact me with by phone 866-755-9009 or via my website.

Have a great day.

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Small Business Health Insurance Plan – Do You Offer One?
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