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Childbirth is a major part of most couple’s lives. Getting ready for the big day and preparing the happy event is part of the fun of waiting for the coming baby. Any pregnant woman may feel mixed emotions as her due date approaches. On one hand, she can get excited that soon she will have her precious baby in her arms. On the other hand, she might experience anxiety as the big day gets closer.

A pregnant woman might choose to get well prepared by attending childbirth preparation classes. She can also choose to read positive books about childbirth and maybe even choose to prepare herself by studying and mastering self-hypnosis preparation classes. All of these steps will have the power to make this special day a success.

As the delivery day gets closer, getting ready is a daily preoccupation for the future parents. One of the most important thing to prepare is a safe and comfortable room for the baby. Another very important element that will make the mother more comfortable during her labor and delivery is what she packs in her suitcase that she will bring to the hospital.

A future mother should pack in her suitcase some items that will help her have a comfortable and pleasant experience. Such items are designed to make her experience a lasting and positive memory. First and foremost, expectant couples should check with the hospital or center where the birth of their baby will occur if they have any restrictive policies about any of the following suggestions. The best is to always find a hospital or birthing center that shares the same birthing philosophies as the expectant couple.

When preparing her suitcase for her birthing experience, a future mother can benefit from packing such things as: extra pillows for her comfort, nice relaxing music and a reliable Mp3 or Cd player if she wants to move around during her labor. A good video and photo camera will enable future parents to take lasting memories of this special day. Making sure that they have sufficient film provision and battery power will avoid bad surprises at the last moment.

A detailed list of people to contact and their phone number will also provide useful. Upon writing that list, one important factor is to write it in the order future parents really want people to be notified of the baby’s birth. As trivial as it may seam, some people will pay great attention and might even be offended if they are the last ones to hear about the happy event. In order to avoid such a diplomatic incident, composing the list in the order expectant parents feel is most important can become of good importance.

Future parents should be well prepared and have a reliable way to do long-distance calls (using reverse charges or a calling card) and know that they are not allowed to use their cell phones in a hospital as their usage can interfere with the functioning of life-support apparatus.

When preparing for giving birth, the future parents should also consider writing a birthing plan and discuss it with their health care providers (doctors or midwife). Most hospitals will welcome birthing plans and respect most wishes as long as the mother and the baby’s health’s are not compromised. A birthing plan should always be considered like a travel plan: For example, the text can be written is a similar manner as:" In the best circumstances, this is how we would like our trip to happen. We understand that most trips can be filled with unplanned surprises and we are willing to change our plans. The main purpose of our trip is to enjoy this journey and have a healthy mother and baby at the end. "

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