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Being able to search for the perfect life insurance plan online has enabled more and more people to get just the plan they want. Going on line avails the consumer of free quotes on plans not to mention an array of information from which to draw. One cannot hope to get a quality product without being an informed consumer and so before searching for a life insurance plan online it behooves one to become acquainted with the terminology and intricacies of the life insurance world.

There are seven particularly important words and phrases whose meanings have direct bearing on how you streamline your policy. Knowing what they represent is a integral ingredient to the process of figuring out which is the best plan for each individual situation.

And the terms to know are…

1. Face Value

This is pretty self explanatory. If a policy has a face value of $15,000.00 then that is the amount that will be paid out upon death of the policy holder.

2. Accidental Death Benefit

Also known as “double indemnity” this benefit stipulates that an additional amount of money will be paid out if the insured dies due to an accident.

3. Disability Income Rider

This provision pays the insured a set sum each month after the first six months of suffering with a disability.

4. Guaranteed Insurability

This allows the insured to buy additional coverage at any point in their life even if they’ve reached the point where they are considered uninsurable.

5. Incontestable Clause

A good protective device this states that after the policy has been in effect for one or two years the company can’t contest it.

6. Policy Loan Provision

This allows the policy holder to borrow money against a permanent life insurance policy for any value up to the amount of the cash value of the policy at the time of loan application.

7. Waiver of Premium Benefit

This stipulates that the company will pay premiums, should the insured become disabled for a period no longer than six months, from the time of disability.

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