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Have you been contemplating purchasing life insurance? Have you been thinking of getting a life insurance quote online, but you're just not sure of all the terminology? While the Internet makes it easy for anyone to shop around, how does it work for buying insurance? Is it even safe to buy life insurance online? Here are the answers to those questions and a few others that may help you better understand how getting a life insurance quote works on the Internet.

Is Life Insurance Online Cheaper Than At An Office?

Yes, it is possible to life insurance online that costs less than you may find at your local insurance agents office. But, you need to remember that every life insurance companies rates are governed by law, so rates will generally be the same online, as well as offline. If you do find a big rate difference, your red flags should go up. Be sure to check them out first before purchasing any type of policy.

Will My Life Insurance Quote Be Accurate Online?

Online life insurance quotes are usually pretty much correct. But, with that said, remember that the actual rate will be determined on your medical history. Since you will likely be asked to have a doctors exam, this information will also be used in determining the actual rate you will be charged.

Is Buying Life Insurance Online Safe To Do?

It most certainly is. There are State and Federal laws that require any company or agent that sells insurance of any type to be licensed in the state where you live. You can always call the life insurance company and discuss it with them, or call states insurance department.

Will I Have To Take A Physical When Buying Life Insurance Online?

Yes, this works the same way as it would if you were to go to your local insurance agents office and buy life insurance. The same set of rules apply online as they do offline.

Which Companies Offer The Lowest Prices?

Just about every life insurance company will have similar rates, but you can search online and find many sites that will provide detailed comparisons between several different companies. Many of these sites will show you 10 or more companies rates for the same type of policy.

Can My Rates Ever Go Up In The Future?

If you are purchasing whole life insurance or universal life insurance, your rates can not be raised in the future. If you are buying term life insurance online then yes, your rates would go up if you were to renew the policy after the policy expired.

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