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Scrapbooking - It's Easy to Start!


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7 Easy Steps To Scrapbooking

1. First off you need to gather the photos you wish to scrap and decide if they are going to form a theme (eg birthday, day at beach etc) or if they are just random photos, next a fun part of the process you have to chose the card-stock and paper, many craft shops have a huge range of these papers and card-stocks to chose from and often this can take the most time. Decide if you are going to match the papers or have a contrast or you could even do both.

2. The type of paper you chose is important because if you chose too thin a paper the glue might seep and total look of the page might be ruined, so go for a thicker card-stock to mount the photos on, also chose the acid-free type to protect you photos forever.

3. OK now start by choosing either one or two main photos as the main focal point to go with the theme of the page. A good idea is to stick the photos onto separate pieces of card-stock to form a border , this also makes the photos stand out too. frames put around the chosen photos can also add emphasis and create interest. Other photos can also be added but to not take away from the main photo(s) make them a little smaller and not so dominant in the page layout, more of an accent.

4. You can now add some “embellishments" (stickers, keepsakes, ribbons etc) again the rage of these is phenomenal! I think the embellishments really make the page! They can help explain the story you are trying to create, . Another idea is to add movie stubs, ribbons from hair, shells, birthday cards. . . the list can go on and on just use your imagination. they are also a very personal touch. The main idea is to add interest and make the page eye catching and interesting.

5. A huge part in your scrapbook page is Journaling, this can be just a single word to describe the photo or it can be a little story to really explain the page, a good tip is to use small pieces of card-stock to write these messages on in case of a mistake, as it is a lot easier to create another tag than to have to make another scrapbook page (believe me!)If you are worried about your handwriting , don't be a little tip is to just print the words then make little marks on every end of the letters, this just makes your writing look different and interesting, or you can print the words off from your computer and another idea is to use trace letters which rub onto the page!

6. Now before anything is stuck into place you should do a dry run and move the photos and journaling words around until you have come up with the perfect page, just experiment, add things, take things away , there is no rule to this it is just what looks good to you!

7. Be sure to use acid-free glue and or sticky tags as these wont affect the photos. You have now made your first scrapbooking page! Be sure to watch out though as it is very addictive.

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Scrapbooking Made Easy - Essential Beginner Tips
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