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Scrapbooking Baby Pages - An Inexpensive Way to Decorate Them

Tash Taylor

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There are so many different ways you can decorate your beautiful scrapbooking baby pages and layouts, and not all of them need to cost a fortune. There are thousands of simply stunning little embellishments that you can buy, and there is constantly new ones coming out on the market, basically on a daily basis. There are lots of techniques and ideas you can use, there are plenty of books and resources you can buy that will teach you how to do these things, and some you can even find online. The power of the internet, it truly is a wonderful thing.

But I don't believe you need to go to these extremes to decorate you pages, especially if you are like most of us, and by that I mean you have to watch what you spend and budget your money. If you are lucky enough to not have to worry about the cost of these glorious little nick naks, then by all means, knock yourself out, spend up, they are lovely.

But, if on the other hand, you want to make your pages look spectacular without burning a hole in your pocket, then these ideas for decorating your scrapbooking baby pages and layouts just may come in handy. Some of the simplest and cheapest ideas are things like, just using different types of scrapbooking papers within your layout. There are again, hundreds, probably thousands of different papers out there that are all made for us scrapaholics, they are of course acid and lignum free and perfectly safe to put near our precious photos.

Actually as a bit of a side note, while I'm mentioning that, if you happen to buy your scrapbooking paper from a shop that isn't specifically a scrapbooking store, always double check that it is in fact acid and lignum free, if you are ever in doubt, my advice would be, don't use it!

So when it comes to the variety of papers that we can buy for our scrapbooking baby pages, there is just heaps to choose from, but some of the main categories that I am going to mention, because they are available at most scrapbooking stores, are:

Patterned Papers
Specialty Papers
Vellum Paper

So what at are each of these and how do you use them? Well let's start at the top of the list with cardstock. These are usually fairly heavy weight papers that come in a variety of textures and colours, but usually only in plain colours. No patterns on these, so most people use them as either the base or background of their page, another great use is to create mats for your photos or to cut titles out of if you are not using die cut letters.

Next would be our patterned papers which kind of speak for themselves. They are usually quite a light weight paper, but they are of course patterned. The themes and options here are just unbelievable; I once walked into a scrapbooking store where there were hundreds of designs lining the walls and shelves in every pattern, shade, colour and theme I could imagine. I was just like a kid in a candy store.

Next is specialty papers, there are quite a few that fall into this category but I'm only going to mention Mulberry paper and pulp paper. These are quite amazing and there are different ways you can use them, you can cut them or you can tear them, and the ragged edge that is left by using a damp tearing technique is really quite amazing.

The last one I mentioned was Vellum paper, now again it comes in lots of designs and patterns and in plain colours too. It is a translucent paper, so you can create some really nice layering effects with it, you can use it like a window over your photos, you can dry emboss onto it, (this works really well on the plain colours) and you can even stamp on it if you so wish. There are lots and lots of options with vellum.

So you have all of these types of paper available to you and they don't cost the earth, and if you are only using them to decorate your page, you will be surprised how many pages you can get out of the one piece. Oh and never throw the little scraps and off cuts out, you will find a use for them somewhere in your scrapbooking baby layouts. A great use for these little left over pieces, is to use them in a punch to make what we call “punchies". Punchies are simply just the little shapes that our punches make, whether that is little squares, circles, flowers etc. You can then make little designs out of your punchies, this is then called punch art and then that's another way you can use all of the paper varieties to decorate your pages.

Well I hope that this helps to give you some ideas and inspires you to try a new scrapbooking baby layout where you decorate your page with different types of papers, mix and match you will often find that they really do complement each other quite well. Happy Scrapping!

Written by Tash Taylor
I am addicted to scrapbooking so check out my site


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