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Printable Digital Scrapbook Frames


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Let's do something different with our collection of photos, with the use of digital scrapbooking using Paintshop. Today I want to discuss printable scrapbook layouts and more specific; digital photoframes.

First, you will need to scan your photos and save them on your computer.

This either requires access to a good scanner plus software, or to find a company that can scan photos for you. Perhaps your local copyshop offers this service?

When you already use a digital camera, then obviously all your photos already are digitally available on your computer. But all those photos from earlier years will have to be scanned onto your pc first.

A good idea, is to always scan and save the original photo exactly as it is. By making copies of it, you can then use the same photograph in multiple projects! And, when you are fed up with looking at a photo in a particular frame, you just add a different one, and it feels and looks as if you have a new set of photographs!

When adding photos to digital frames it is important that they fit without any distortion What I mean by that is, that when you have a small photo, and you insert it in a frame that is too big, then the ultimate result will be distorted. You always want to make sure, that the photo fits the frame, or the frame fits the photo. Also watch out with resizing your original photo; the result when printing the finished photo, may be not optimal.

Some frames can be resized, rotated or whatever, but some frames are not suitable for any of this. For example, let's assume you have a frame that has a flower border on the bottom. This is a frame you cannot use upsidedown, because flowers normally don't grow upsidedown! Although you might want to give it a try; you'll never know what creation you come up with!! I got lots of ideas accidentally rotating, skewing or whatever and in doing so, came up with completely new frames. On the other hand, when you have a neutral frame that has no particular decor, you can rotate it or resize it any way you want.

Now that you have a chosen a frame for a particular photograph, next step is to insert it in the frame.

You need to make sure that you can click on the inside of your frame using the magic wand tool in Paintshop. Next, you click on your photo and select ctrl A which selects the complete photograph.

Followed by Ctrl C (copy) after which you then left click in the frame and choose “Paste into selection. "

Hence, your photograph is now framed!

You don't want to use the PASTE command, because it will literally paste your photo all over the frame instead of IN the frame, where we want it!

Then you save the framed photo to your pc as JPEG-file. You now have created a new digital file of one of your photos. You can then insert this file for example in a Word-document and create a card. You can send it to friends as attachment to an email (Just let them know beforehand that you will be sending them a photo or they may throw your email away because it contains an attachment!)

Another option is to upload your framed picture to your own photo-gallery on your website, or resize the photo to thumbnailsize and paste on a stickersheet. I am sure you can come up with some ideas of your own. And if you'd like to share them with me, you can always contact me!

Happy scrappin’ everybody!

Do you want to learn more about digital scrapbooking? Then get my FREE ebook: Digital Scrapbooking - How to Start Using Paint Shop at: Jeanny Stevens has taken her hobby to the next level at Creativity Corner. Get lots of ideas, tips, tricks and products for digital scrapbooking at:


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