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How to Make a Scrapbook Shaker Box

June Campbell

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Knowing how to make a scrapbook shaker box means you can add an interesting, interactive element to your layout.

Attractive to look at, fun to play with, and easy to make, scrapbook shaker boxes are a pleasing addition to any page. They are not, of course, limited to use in scrapbooks. You can use them on a hand made greeting card, in an altered book or in many other craft projects.

As the name suggests, these items are essentially small, 3D “boxes" that contain tiny items that move freely within the confines of the box. Typically, geometric shapes are the easiest to make - squares, rectangles, triangles, octagons, etc. However, curved, organic shapes are possible - but do require a little additional care an attention in both designing and assembling.

The essential supplies you need to make a shaker box include card stock or other firm paper, acetate such as that used for page protectors, mounting tape, glues and adhesives, small items to place inside the box, and decorative elements as desired.

Once you have assembled your supplies, the tutorial below gives you step by step instructions for making a shaker box that is four inches square.

  1. Cut a square of card stock, four inches by four inches. This is the backing or bottom. Let's call it Card Stock A.
  2. Cut a second square of card stock, the same size as the first. It can be a different color if desired. This will form the top part of the box. We'll call it Card Stock B.
  3. Cut a three inch by three inch square of card stock out of the center of the second piece creating a “window. " Discard the three inch square and refer to the cut “frame" that you have created. This frame -Card Stock B - will display the items inside.
  4. Cut a four inch square from a sheet of page protector or other similar, clear acetate product.
  5. Using the back side of the frame, adhere the clear acetate to the edges of the frame. A sturdy, doubled sided sticky tape works well for this. Be sure that every area is securely glued to ensure no items can escape the box once it is assembled.
  6. Still working on the back of the frame, attach mounting tape around the four sides, placing it on top of the acetate. Again, be sure that the mounting tape lines up at the corners. Any open areas will result in escaping items.
  7. Remove the release paper from THREE sides of the frame. Carefully place the four inch square of card stock (the piece set aside for the bottom (i. e. Card Stock A) over the sticky mounting tape. The box is now glued down on three sides.
  8. Place a small roll of scrap paper inside the box, inserting it partially through the opening that you have not yet glued down. This scrap paper is a temporary prop to hold the shaker box open while you pour the items inside.
  9. Pour the beads or whatever products you are using inside the shaker box and shake around until the beads flow freely.
  10. Remove the scrap of paper you were using for a prop. Peel the release paper off the fourth side of the frame, then attach the fourth sides together.

Your shaker box is now completed. You can decorate any way you choose, and then incorporate it into your scrapbook layout.

Scrapbook shaker boxes can contain any number of items, such as beads, confetti, sequins, tiny seashells, crumbled potpourri, etc.

If you prefer visual instructions, please refer to this video tutorial showing you how to make a scrapbook shaker box .

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