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Retirement - Help For a Fulfilled and Happy Retirement


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You can provide yourself the tools for retirement self help through hypnosis. Whether you are concerned about pension, savings or assisted living, you can give yourself the support to guide you to a happy, fulfilled retirement. Self-hypnosis is an effective approach to consider.

Pangs of Retiring

When you retire from your career, you are entering a frightening world of change. Ironically, you have waited to get to this independent stage of your life for many years. You may be shocked to find that you feel empty and unfulfilled as you enter this golden time of your life.

There are several reasons that retiring from your career causes stress and feelings of emptiness. Many of these reasons exist on a subconscious level. Hypnosis can help you tap into these obstacles in your retirement self help approach. This is extremely effective in helping you create a new understanding and acceptance of your growth.


You have a lifetime of goals that may or may not have been achieved. Letting go of disappointment is an important aspect of feeling fulfilled as you retire from your career. There are many things that you may have never achieved but there is no reason that you should focus your inner energy on those aspects of your experience.

Hypnosis can help you shift focus on your many accomplishments that you have achieved throughout your career. This new focus is productive and supportive as you recognize your success realistically and with acceptance. It is fine to have disappointment in your life but it doesn't have to take away from your happiness.


Many people identify themselves according to what they do for a living. You may have immediately told someone about your career when they ask you to tell them about yourself. The automatic response is, “I am a carpenter, office manger, owner, " or any other title that you wear at work.

Your job is not you. It is simply a position that you held. There are attributes that you have that make you an ideal candidate for some careers but these are only aspects of your personality. You and your former position are not interchangeable terms. First and foremost, you are a person.


Cultivating your new identity as an individual rather than as a job is a frightening process to go through. This requires you to look at yourself closely in order to gain a deeper understanding of yourself. You may have considered your career as your purpose in life.

Letting go of that purpose in life can leave you feeling completely empty and afraid. There is no real reason for you to continue because you do not see yourself as a productive member of society. Nothing could be further from the truth. All you need to do is focus on how you do contribute.

Retirement Self Help

Your approach should include using self-hypnosis in order to work through your subconscious mind. This helps you gain a deeper understanding of your purpose and identity. You can achieve a higher level of clarity when you take this retirement self help approach.

J. Seymour is a writer with Self Help Recordings. An excellent self hypnosis recording for retirement can be found by clicking here - Retirement Self Help ‘Happy Retirement’ is a recording by Duncan McColl, based on his decades of experience in powerful and classical clinical therapy. A huge range of self hypnosis recordings can be seen at Self Help Recordings and you can find out more about these by clicking here - Hypnosis CD All of these recordings carry a sixty day guarantee, so to find out more simply click on the links.


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