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Employment For Seniors and Retirees - A World of Opportunity

Sam Phillips

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Employment for seniors and retirees, especially in these uncertain times of price wars among the elite owners of petroleum products, can be a great relief from worry and stress over finances. Some are advising that those of retirement age, stay put, providing employers are agreeable. And if you love your job, why not? However, it seems as though the majority actually hate their jobs according to the latest survey polls.

Let's look at your options from a different perspective.

Maybe you've worked in the same job force for 35 years. Sure you like most, if not all the fellow employees you've by now taken hundreds or thousands of lunch breaks with. You've heard the same stories many times over. There have been days of someone suddenly getting sick, possibly dying. You felt real loss. Times like when that young mom come back showing all the pictures of her beautiful baby. Perhaps some proud groom spent his last days as a single man going around showing off his beautiful wife to be. Many memories!

Now, you are retirement age with a life changing decision to make. You realize the choice you make will affect your spouse, your family, those you've worked with and around all these years. And yes, it will especially affect you.


For beginners, you've likely been playing with the idea of jobs for seniors being a hopeful necessity as you're now age ready for retirement. However, should it be with another fine company somewhere else or continuing on where you are? A change makes you feel a bit insecure. After all, you've been with the same company a huge portion of your life. Although, doing something new and fresh in a different format sounds pretty appealing too.

Here is where millions of baby boomers are right now. If you will allow me, I'd like to pass a few thoughts your way for you to consider. If you have a computer and know fairly well how to surf and get around, you're way ahead. There are millions of baby boomers who know little or nothing about the online world. To them computers are a foreign language. But it would be vastly to their betterment in life to learn computer basics.

Well, listen to the benefits. Here's the scenario.

Instead of setting the clock, rolling out of bed at four or five o'clock every morning, washing the toast down with black coffee, while at the same time running out the door, why not sleep until you wake up, refreshed, ready for another day. You eat a nice, hot healthy breakfast, maybe even take a walk. Come back, turn on your computer, checking to see how much money you made while sleeping. Sure, you put in several hours, several times a week. You're at home, dressed out in clean fresh clothes, you can sell toys for children on ebay, or you can continue doing the freelance work for a good paying customer. You might even be writing your own book, getting the last parts together so you can put it on your website to sell. Maybe you have a book store selling other peoples stuff.

Work at home employment for seniors and retirees has many exciting moments. You missed the heavy traffic and some angry motorist blowing at you to hurry up. It never cost you a dime for fuel, or tires, or motor or car repair. In a sense you made money from not doing these things. Then there's the money you spent for eating out, that you didn't spend because you're working from home. You are more healthy because now you have time to fix good food, plus walk or ride a bike. You can play with the grandkids who adore you, or if you feel a little vacation is in order, you can take your business with you, anywhere in the world where they have internet. Not to mention you can grow a garden, plant flowers, have a hobby on the side. You spent years working for this. Now enjoy it to the fullest while you and your home business makes money on the side.

If you are at retirement age, and are beginning to look for options of employment for seniors , you need to know where to look. Sam Phillips, fellow retiree, has put together a complete guide to work at home jobs for seniors, including resources and links helping you find ways to make money and secure your future while you enjoy your retirement. Click here now to find the perfect job for you!


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