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Retirement Thailand - How to Trigger a Lifetime of Good Health

Martin Hurley

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If a good lifestyle is the secret to a healthy retirement, then for anyone considering retirement, Thailand will awaken your senses and astound you with its amazing, live-and-let-live lifestyle, wonderfully diverse nature of its people, and gracious hospitality. And then there's the Thai women too.

But, prepare to forget everything you once thought was ‘normal. '

Because to be honest, although you might love the idea of retiring in Thailand, it's not always easy! Living here often transforms itself into an adventure of some sort or another. You'll be bombarded by a whole new way of thinking. And it may seem as if no one in Thailand is even remotely serious, even about anything they should be serious about!

In other words, choosing to retire in Thailand, will probably be the healthiest thing you ever do! Would you like to know why?

It's very simple. There's an abundance of lovely Thai women, and the relaxed, peace loving Thai people have an enjoyable laid back attitude. And that's only the beginning. The all-embracing and heart felt welcoming that you'll get from coming here will melt all your worries away.

Maybe, just maybe, you'll fall in love with this country too.

And speaking of Thai women, if they're an important part of your retirement Thailand ‘vision', then prepare yourself to be impressed. Or mildly concerned! It's a big kick-in-the-pants for any Western man who's never ventured to an Asian country. Indeed the ‘Thai woman factor’ seems to rub off on all men, one way or another, who come to travel or live in Thailand.

Having said all that, you may find that the culture is just too alien for you at times, the weather incredibly hot, and that the language is way too hard to learn. But these are small challenges to deal with. It's a tropical country, and the language is very learnable with some persistence (and especially with a Thai girl friend helping you!)

Of course you don't need to live right in the heart of Bangkok (Thailand's busy capital) either. There's an abundance of smaller cities and lifestyle options available to you. You could easily live comfortably in the mountains far north, or go south west to the coast and beach lifestyle of places like Phuket.

Either way you'll find that the low cost of living, interesting expat community, internet access, and low crime all add up to a rather attractive ‘retirement lifestyle. '

Oh and one more thing - we haven't even touched on the food yet! (The Thais live for their food!) Prepare to be impressed. And prepare yourself to never stop wondering just why Thai people like to eat so much spicy hot food in a tropical, always-hot climate. . . I'll urge you to try to work out that one for yourself.

On the other side of the coin, the Thai people can tend to be a bit on the loud side sometimes, can suffer from a lack of creativity and originality, and their driving manners can be rather unnerving. But, not to worry, the only person to get serious about something like that will be. . . (can you guess?) You!

And what about Thailand living costs? Well guess what? It costs so little to live here, (in comparison to other ‘Western’ countries) that you'll think twice about ‘ever’ buying something in your own country again!

All in all, if you are considering retirement, Thailand is quite possibly the perfect Eastern lifestyle that could become your beautiful rainbow after a summer rain! There's only one real way to find out. . . come and see for yourself.

© Copyright Martin Hurley 2007

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