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Pregnancy Week 25 & 26 Marks the End of Second Trimester


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By the time you are 25 weeks pregnant the growing uterus may put some pressure on your back. Most of the women experience severe pain in their lower back region and the legs because of this mounting pressure.

Along with some growing back pain and leg cramps, week 25 is the time when many women come across pregnancy complications such as preterm labor and premature pregnancy.

Meanwhile, the baby’s going through the remaining major improvements such as gaining weight and development of the central nervous system. The nostrils begin to open and the respiratory system gets stronger in this week.

The baby’s breathing movements also increase as a result of the well-developed lungs. By now, the baby weighs about 1.5 pounds and is probably 14 inches longer. The baby’s spine starts to mature and the brain and nerve endings are so developed that the baby can sense the touch.

You need to take enough care at this stage to deal with the growing needs of the baby and to keep yourself fit.

Increase the calcium intake as this helps you in reducing the cramps in the legs and also in relieving the back pain. Moreover it is quite essential for the baby’s developing spine and his bones.

Avoid activities that worsen your pain and always support your body with cushions and body pillows. Pregnancy pillows help you a lot during this time in getting a better sleep and providing comfort.

Consider some light exercises that your health care provider recommends and always have a balanced and well-planned diet to avoid unnecessary complications.

Being 26 weeks pregnant means that you are now at the end of the second trimester and almost gone through two-thirds of your pregnancy. Instead of complaining over problems like back ache and leg cramps, jus have a look at all those positive bits such as the neatly grown belly, renewed energy, and the healthy hair and skin. And all this because of the growing little one!

You will feel more discomfort because of the growing belly and this will continue in the coming weeks. Most women experience some sudden tightening and relaxing of the uterus which is by now two-and-a-half inches above the belly button. However, these contractions are very common and are painless.

Other discomforts such as leg cramps, back pain, headache and pressure in the pelvis continue and there might also be a condition known as restless leg syndrome where you’ll experience restless and jittery legs. Do simple exercises that slowly stretch the muscles and keep you physically active.

Movements also increase inside your belly as the bay is more active betweens weeks 24 and 28. The brain activities inside the bay have developed and help in sight and hearing. This is the time when the baby will have the first moments of sight.

Air sacs called alveoli start to develop inside the baby’s lungs and they will continue growing for the next 9 years. By now, the baby is 14 inches long and weighs about one-and-a- half pound.

Vitamin intake needs to be boosted and it is suggested to take small and frequent meals rich in fiber. This will further help in reducing the constipation.

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