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Pregnancy Week 23 & 24 and the Physical Changes in the Baby


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Your body undergoes various other changes along with the growing stretch marks when you are 23 weeks pregnant. And due to the stretching stomach muscles, your navel will pop out a little but will return to its natural position once you deliver the baby.

You might have approximately gained 15 pounds by now and might experience some muscle cramps in the legs. You will also find it very difficult to sleep in a comfortable position because of the belly that has now acquired the clear round shape.

This discomfort in sleep may be dealt with using pregnancy pillows that give you a better chance to sleep comfortably throughout the night. The increase in the blood volume in lower parts of the body forces you to make frequent trips to the bathroom.

Changes in your blood chemistry may cause some water retention which may result in swelling known as edema. However, this could be avoided by keeping your body movements frequent and avoid sitting for longer hours.

The baby’s pancreas is developing inside the baby and the baby has also started producing insulin. Now the baby can hear your noise and your heart beat as well.

The baby’s tiny bones continue to ossify and the veins are now clearly visible through the translucent skin. The baby is still developing those fat deposits that will be padded under the wrinkly skin after the delivery.

Continue taking the recommended daily intake of essential nutrients that are necessary for the strength and stamina of your developing baby.

Your uterus is now on top of your belly button and is of the size of a soccer ball. As a result, you will be having trouble bending and sitting comfortably. You will be gaining more weight which is just normal in all the mothers-to-be. You will also observe a lot of changes in your and the bay when you are 24 weeks pregnant.

Take small frequent meals as your baby is in need of more nutrients now. It is suggested that you have six small meals a day instead of three so as to cope with your baby’s developmental needs.

By the time you are 24 weeks pregnant, you can feel the movements of your baby completely. The need for frequent urination, heartburn, anxiety and the growing discomfort lead to loss of sleep. The amniotic fluid begins to increase in volume and will continue until the delivery.

By now, the baby weighs about 2 lbs and measures 14 inches long. The skin is still wrinkled and will be normal once the fat is deposited and the muscles are formed. The little ones fingernails and the ears are now completely developed.

The baby is gaining more bone mass and the rapid eye movement has already begun. And as the baby is growing in size, the space inside the uterus is filled up and becomes more crowded.

Continue doing moderate exercises to fell better throughout the pregnancy and to have more stamina during labor. And be sure that your diet is adequate as pregnancy is more complicated in undernourished women.

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