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Pregnancy Week 21 & 22 – You Have a Miniature Baby!


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When you are 21 weeks pregnant, you will be gaining more weight and fat along with your growing baby. You might face some swelling problems due to increased weight and the pressure put on the legs. These problems will subside naturally and can be even tackled with the help of maternity support belts and hoses. They help you in avoiding the discomfort in the ankles throughout your pregnancy.

The uterus continues its growth and is now pressing against your rectum. Due to increased blood flow and increased levels of pregnancy hormones, you may experience sensitive gums which may even bleed in some women. Despite all these changes, you will be comfortable and in full swing pregnancy mode. However, regular exercises and stretching are suggested to alleviate these discomforts.

Inside, the baby’s organ systems continue to develop preparing for the life outside. The umbilical cord starts thickening and growing as more blood travels through it from you to the baby.

The baby’s digestive system too develops as much that the tiny intestines will contract and expand as your little one absorbs small amounts of amniotic fluid. Your baby’s eye brows and the eye lids are also completely grown now.

Your baby's growth will slow a little now as more concentration is developing the organs and the central nervous system. Your baby can now hear you if you speak and sing.

Maintain your physical well being by doing regular but light exercises that help in better circulation both for you and to your baby.

Your uterus is continuously growing and is a little above your navel when you are 22 weeks pregnant. While the baby presents high paced changes, this is the time when you will notice some skin changes in you. The continuously pushing uterus leaves some stretch marks on your belly which cause itchiness.

There are a variety of lotions that help you in limiting these stretch marks. Even though you cannot completely prevent these stretch marks, you should consider using rich moisturizers to keep your skin subtle, smooth and glowing after the delivery.

Foot and leg cramps, mild swelling on the ankles and feet, and a slight increase in the heart rate are some common conditions seen in this week of pregnancy. These are quite normal and only indicate that your body is working a little harder.

Pregnancy week 22 also marks for significant changes in your baby too. The hands have grown stronger and bigger and the nerve ending have developed the sense of touch. The baby will now be able to touch and grab and feel the senses. The brain is still continuing its growth as it will until your little one is 5 years old.

The growth of the taste buds help the baby in detecting the strong flavors in the amniotic fluid. Your baby now almost weighs a pound and measure about 11 inches.

Concentrate more on your diet and see to it that the food you eat is balanced and nutritious. Poor diet can have severe consequences on the physical and mental health of your baby.

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