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How to Conceive a Boy Naturally - Diet to Help Conceive a Boy


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There are a number of theories regarding women’s diet at the time of conception and how it influences the gender of the baby. The old midwives emphasized on the diet of the woman believing that it affected the baby’s gender during conception. These theories have been around for ages and modern science is trying to unravel the facts.

It is possible to improve the chances of conceiving a boy by making some specific changes to the woman’s diet. For example, a more alkaline diet makes the cervical fluid will become more conducive for sperms carrying the Y chromosomes. The Y chromosome sperms fuse with the eggs in order to conceive a baby boy. Recent studies have produced evidence to support the idea that the diet of the woman around the period of conception may determine the gender of the child. The researchers have suggested following some dietary guidelines which can greatly influence the conception of male child.

*) Foods which are more alkaline, like pumpkins, cauliflower, lettuce, cabbages, tomatoes, broccoli, lemons and watermelons, can improve your chances of conceiving a boy. Such foods influence the cervical fluid’s PH level making it less acidic. This enables the sperms containing Y chromosome to fuse with the eggs eventually producing a male fetus.

*) Intake of nutrients like vitamins B12, vitamin C and vitamin D can also help in conceiving baby boys. According to studies, women who conceived male fetuses had extra 300 mg of potassium through their diet when compared to women with baby girls. Avocados, strawberries, bananas, apples, almonds, potatoes, steaks artichoke and asparagus are all rich in potassium.

*) It is recommended to consume a lot of calories. Several studies have highlighted the correlation between the conception of a male child and high caloric intake. You would not want unhealthy food but extra calories added to your diet could help improve the odds of having a son.

*) Another dietary change is to have food with a generous amount of sodium. Your doctor can help you strike the correct balance when taking a diet rich in sodium. Studies have shown that increasing the sodium quantities around the time of conception does influence the chances of conceiving a male child. Raisins, milk, apricots, nuts and figs are rich in both potassium and sodium.

*) You can also consider adding food with high glucose content in your diet because increasing glucose consumption is directly related to male fetus development, according to in-vitro fertilization or IVF scientific research.

*) Legumes, yogurt and cheese are foods that encourage female embryo development as they increase the cervical fluid’s acidity. Another food that is acidic in nature is meat; red meat is a better choice. Dairy products that are acidic will not necessarily encourage male embryo development.

Both the parents should make dietary changes and have food that is alkaline with a high nutrient content. In general, women eating a healthy diet rich in vitamins C, E and B-12 and calcium are more likely to have sons.

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