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An Acidic Diet to Conceive a Girl - How and Why it Works


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I find it very encouraging that people are beginning to realize that natural gender selection really works. I'm starting to receive a lot of emails asking for the specifics of the the acidic / high PH diet to conceive a baby girl and why (and how) this really works. I'll explain the process in the following article.

Why Acidity And PH Are So Important: First, it's important to define how your baby's gender is determined. You will get a girl baby if the X sperm reaches and fertilizes the egg first. If the opposite happens, you will get a boy. However, it is important to remember that Y or boy sperm are comparatively weak and vulnerable, while girl or X sperm are very strong and hardy.

So, each will have a different experience and advantage in their quest for the egg. You can give the X (girl) sperm a few advantages by: timing your conception to occur early in your fertility cycle (giving boy sperm time to die off); using shallow penetration in the *** positions that you use (this gives the Y guys a longer, harder trip) and by taking a good look at your PH and acidity.

Here's why this is so important. Boy sperm can not survive for very long in your vaginal and reproductive tract if it is highly acidic, while girl sperm won't have any problem with this. So, if you want a daughter, you'll obviously want to get your acidity and PH as high as you can.

The first way to do this is through your diet and what you eat. Understand that foods can be divided up into those that are acidic or alkaline. You want to steer clear of the alkaline foods because they will lower your PH and make you more likely to have a boy. So while you should avoid foods like most fruits and vegetables as well as most nuts (specifically almonds) (as these are all a low PH), you should load up on foods like most meats, dairy, and select fruits and vegetables like corn and blueberries (which all have a high PH. ) There are food lists available to help you with this. This will sort of be like being on a weight loss diet (in that you are restricted to what you eat), but you don't have to limit your calories, just the type of foods that you eat. And, you only need to do this until your reach your optimal level. You can stop once you get into the “girl zone. "

The second way to make your body more acidic is through douching. Typically more than vinegar and water is needed and like with the foods, there are recipes available. And, one thing that can make your job a whole lot easier (no matter which method you are using) is using PH testing strips to first see how and where you fall naturally. Just test as directed (you can get these at health food stores) and then make the appropriate adjustments in your diet and / or by your douching regimen and continue to test to see how much you've progressed. You'll probably notice that you get the fastest, most drastic results if you combine both the food and douche methods to work together, but you can use either one solo as long as you are diligent and have patience.

Conceive A Girl is a website I put together to offer step by step instructions, hints, tips, and resources for couples wishing to conceive a baby girl. You'll find resources for douche recipes and food lists, as well as ovulation predictors and PH test strips. Take a look if you like at


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