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Pregnancy and Nutrition - Eat Food to Get Rid of Pregnancy Fatigue


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Most of the women when asked will how they are feeling during the first few months they will invariably say that it is tiring. In fact tiredness without any reason is one of the first signs that indicate that a woman may be pregnant. Pregnancy and nutrition has to be understood carefully.

There are times when just a short walk across the blocks will make you tired and wanting a nap in the afternoon. You body has to use a lot of energy for nurturing the baby growing inside you and a lot if your energy is used in that. Pregnancy and nutrition are closely related. You have to use up more of water as well as nutrition during pregnancy and your heart rate as well as metabolism goes up when you are carrying a baby. One of the best ways to face it is by sleeping more. You can even have some nutritious food to keep you going through the day if you are not able to sleep during the afternoon.

To begin with, alter the amount of food you have as anyone will feel lethargic after having a large big meal even if they are not pregnant. A large meal can be a bigger problem if especially you are pregnant. You will feel tired and exhausted as a lot of energy will be needed to digest the meal you have eaten. For optimum relation between pregnancy and nutrition, it is better to eat small meals at short intervals. You can have six meals daily to fight exhaustion.

It is best to start the day with a healthy breakfast as it refuels the body after a long night. Remember that a cup of coffee with a slice of toast is not called a good breakfast. It is important to have carbohydrates and protein. You can have banana with some whole grain cereal as pregnancy and nutrition go side by side. Such food stays in the body and also keeps your energy as well as blood sugar level high for some time.

It is not advised to miss your lunch. People think they can leave out lunch and make eat for that during dinner time. It can be harmful for a pregnant woman as you require meal during the day to replenish your body. You need to have protein and whole grain meal for breakfast. Try having chicken salad, whole grain pita with some fruits like apple.

Have meals in such a way that you are able to consume maximum calories in the daytime. During the second and third trimester a pregnant lady requires an extra 300 calories daily. These extra calories should be distributed all over the day as nutritious snacks including veggies, nuts, dip and cheese.

It is better not to keep the biggest meal for the last part of the day. It is important to understand that pregnancy and nutrition are closely connected and you need calories to take you through the day. Find out more tips about pregnancy and nutrition, what you should do and should not at


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