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Pregnancy and Nutrition - Prevent Heartburn by Eating For Pregnant Women


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It is not only people who have spicy food or are tense who are affected by heartburn. It is very common with pregnant women. In fact with the progress of pregnancy you will find that you need the antacids more often but remember this is not connected to your heart. Pregnancy and nutrition are related and it has something to do with the food you eat also.

Heartburn can occur when there is leakage of acid into the esophagus by the stomach and many pregnant women suffer from it. It is seen that every one of four who suffer from heartburn when they are pregnant, generally in the third trimester. The main cause for this is that with the growth of your baby the uterus has moves up and applies pressure on the stomach. The digestive tract is compressed and this lets the acid to travel back to the esophagus. Don't believe if people say that if you have heartburn, you will have a baby with plenty of hair. This is just one of the myths associated with pregnancy and nutrition.

You can avert heartburn during this period in many ways. The first thing to do is to eat slowly. This helps you to enjoy the food better and the stomach does not have to overwork for the food to digest. Have your food minimum of two hours prior to sleeping at night, as your body will get enough time for digestion.

Have smaller meals and you can have up to six mini meals spread through the day or you're your stomach which is already crowded because of the baby gets stuffed with a big meal. This can become a reason for some of the acid in the stomach to go back to the esophagus.

It is vital to keep the solid and the liquid food separately as if there is too much mixing of solids and liquids gives rise to heartburn. It is better to eat while sitting and avoid eating while lying down. Even if are having a snack during bed time use a pillow to keep straight.

Heartburn is also connected to your weight. There is more pressure on the splinter of esophagus of the women who have put on more weight. This makes it important that your weight should not increase too much during pregnancy.

You must try to look for foods which cause you heartburn. When you are able to identify them you can just remove them from your diet. While there are some food which can be a cause for heartburn like soda, tomato sauce, spicy foods, chocolate, and some citrus fruits.

You can also develop heartburn from eating oily food. Pregnancy and nutrition are important and you should have the right kind of food. Find out more tips about pregnancy nutrition , what you should do and should not at


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Coping with Heartburn in Pregnancy
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