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The Relationship Between Pregnancy and Nutrition - Things to Consider For Pregnant Women


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It is a time of great joy when you find out that you are pregnant. In fact you will often find yourself patting your stomach to comfort the baby growing inside you. The baby will keep growing bigger and bigger inside you. There are some things which you have to consider as well as take care of, for this miracle to grow in a healthy manner when you are pregnant, as pregnancy and nutrition go hand in hand.

It is not very easy to eat healthy and balanced food during the initial three months, as you suffer from morning sickness as well as food aversions. You can take advantage if you are not one of those women who have to deal with a lot of nausea and problems related to morning sickness. Irrespective of how you nauseated you may feel, you have to remember your pregnancy and nutrition guidelines to be safe and healthy during this period.

It is essential to have a balanced meal so that you make a strong foundation for the healthy growth of your little one. If you eat junk food it will not do any good for the baby in the development of his bones or even for the proper growth of organs. You must understand that pregnancy and nutrition work hand in hand and eating potato chips does not assist in the development of the brain. You need to have food rich in calcium and vitamins as that is the requirement of the baby and also your body.

It also helps after the baby is born to eat solid food if you have eaten proper food during your pregnancy. With the progress of pregnancy, a part of the food eaten by you crosses the placenta and it is possible to get the taste in the amniotic fluid of your baby. As the baby takes in this fluid, it is a part of the development of their taste buds when they are still in the womb. It is also believed by doctors that if the baby has tasted a variety of vegetables and fruit when in the womb turn out to be less fussy eater in their life. It is thought that such children will be more open to eating fruits and vegetables later on. Pregnancy and nutrition are intrinsically linked not only for the mother but also for the baby.

It is also much easier for mothers to wean their babies from formula or breast milk, if they have had a lot of milk and followed all the pregnancy and nutrition guidelines.

There are more advantages of having milk during pregnancy . You are able to provide proper amount of calcium for the development of the bones of the baby. It is advised by several doctors to have a minimum of one eight ounce glass of fat free milk daily. Find out more tips about pregnancy and nutrition, what you should do and should not at


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