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Douching, an Alkaline Diet, Or Vitamins? Which Works Best When Trying to Conceive a Boy Baby


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I often write about natural methods that can help couples chose their baby's gender.   If you want to conceive a son, one very important part of this equation is getting an alkaline reproductive tract with a PH that is low enough to be friendly to boy or Y sperm. There are a few ways that couples will try to achieve this: by douching, by consuming an alkaline diet, and by consuming supplements or vitamins.   But, which method works better? I'll discuss the answer to this question in the following article and explain the answer.   

Why Vitamins Are The Least Effective Method To Alkalize Your Body: This is my opinion based on my research, but I believe that of the three methods, consuming vitamins and supplements are the least desirable way to go.   It's pretty well known that it's preferable to get your nutrition from real foods rather than from pills.   And, many of the vitamins that are touted to alkalize your body actually contain ingredients that could affect and reproductive hormones (like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone), as well as compromising thyroid and adrenal function.    

In order to be successful in conceiving a boy, you will need to very precisely predict when you ovulate and act accordingly. (Ovulation predictors (saliva or urine) can help with this. )  So, the last thing that you need are supplements that could delay or effect the predictability of this process. In my opinion, taking this chance just isn't worth the risk when there are other things that will give you safer and better results.

Changing Your Diet To Lower Your PH When Trying For A Boy Baby: I've already told you that I think that real foods are better for your body than vitamins.   I also believe that they are much more effective.   Low PH diets (you'd need a high PH for a girl) require for you to restrict your consumption of highly acidic foods ( like corn, coffee, eggs, yogurt, and plums) and focus on larger amounts of alkaline foods (like bananas, chocolate, and potatoes. )

This process only requires you to be on the diet until your PH is low enough to conceive a boy.   You can find out where you are by using PH strips that are typically available in nutrition stores or on line.   You can also keep track of how you are progressing by using these strips.   I do find that the diet method often takes longer than douching, but it can work just fine if you are diligent.

Douching To Get The Optimal, Alkaline PH: If you're using the little strips and experiment with douching, you'll likely see that this is the fastest, most dramatic way to go.   But, often baking soda and water just doesn't cut it, especially if you tend to be acidic.   The best solution often depends on how acidic you already are.   You'll often find that you move downward with each effort you make.   If things aren't moving along quickly enough for you, you can combine this with using the diet.

Combining Douches And Diet For The Best Results: If you are really impatient, you can trying doing both methods at once.   For some women, this is too much to keep track of.   But some would rather just get this process over with quickly rather than having the patience with a longer process.   This is totally individual, but the combination is available and usually works quicker for those who would rather just go all in and be done with this quickly.

Other Things To Think About: Getting the correct, low PH is only one consideration.   You'll also need to properly time your conception (the day of ovulation is best for a boy conception) and you'll need to use the correct *** positions (deep penetration to get a son) to give the Y / boy (which is naturally much weaker than girl sperm) the best chance for the quickest, least hostile trip as is possible.

Conceive A Boy is a website I set up to make the process of having a son a bit easier. I've included step by step instructions and resources for the douching solutions, foods, and PH testing strips mentioned in this article as well as hints, tips, and support. Check it out if you like at


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