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Conceiving a Boy Or Girl - Is it Possible to Choose?

Gillian Reynolds

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When it comes to conceiving a boy or girl, do soon-to-be parents have any say in the matter? The answer is a surprising yes. Many couples who are hoping for a baby have little idea that there are some simple things they can do that will increase their chances of picking their baby's gender. If you understand exactly what you need to be doing you can not only give birth to a beautiful, healthy baby nine months from now, but you can also determine whether it will be a son or daughter.

Timing of lovemaking has a significant impact on whether you become the parent of a little newborn boy or girl. Male sperm are faster than female sperm so if your heart is set on a new son, you should try and time intercourse as close as possible to ovulation. In order to increase your chances of having a daughter it's believed that you need to make love a day before ovulation as this ensures the female sperm, which outlive the male sperm, will already be waiting when the egg is released. It can take a bit of practice to determine exactly when you are ovulating and there are several different methods you can use to help. An easy one is to simply take your temperature before you get out of bed each day. Once it starts to change mid-cycle, you know that ovulation is about to begin.

Another factor that many people believe plays a monumental role in conceiving a boy or girl is the diet of the woman prior to conception. The idea here is to create an environment which will make it more hospitable to either female or male sperm. For instance, if you want the gender of your baby to be a boy you should eat a diet rich in potassium. This means consuming a lot of bananas before trying to become pregnant. In the case of couples who are hoping for a daughter they'll want to eat more foods that are packed with calcium. Drinking fat free milk and indulging in a bowl of ice cream now and again can help increase your chances of adding a baby girl to the family.

There are other specific methods that do work when it comes to choosing the gender of your baby. For more suggestions, including a method that is 100% guaranteed to help you choose whether you have a boy or a girl, visit this informative site

Don't let nature decide the gender of your baby. If you have your heart set on a boy or girl, find out what you can do to ensure you get the little boy or girl you desperately want. There are proven ways to pick your baby's gender that are guaranteed to work.


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Different measures that helps in conceiving properly
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