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Take Acai Berry During Pregnancy? Are the Berries Safe When You're Pregnant & For Your Baby?


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Listen here. If you are a pregnant mother and you're thinking of taking acai berry fruit, then it really is ok. Brazilian mothers had been taking the berry for who knows how long now and are pretty healthy down there. In the United States, acai berries are not usually available in their fruit form, they often appear as pills, extracted juices, powdered products, skin care creams even. Because of the lack in the supply of acai berry fruits, the intake of acai berry products by pregnant women is often questioned. So is it really safe to take acai berry during pregnancy? Let's see.

First off, acai berry is pretty much the same as an apple, or an orange, or the next closest thing, grapes. It's purely natural, and as most of us would realize, mostly everything edible that came from nature are healthy. Acai berry are therefore safe to consume, even when you are pregnant. But here's the catch, apart from the fact that the acai fruit is expensive here in the west, they are also rare. So the next best options are the pills and the juices. There are actually no problems with ingesting pills and juices made from acai berry during pregnancy.

After all, the base component is natural. But be warned that some of these products have other components that might pose some threat to your baby's health. However, even in pill forms, so long as the products were made from pure acai berry pulp, they are considerably safe. As of yet, there are no conclusive evidences that these products can actually aggravate babies inside the womb. But just to be safe, it would be best to stick with the actual acai fruit. There is one consideration that must be given due attention though. Some pregnant women may have certain allergic reactions to berries. In this case, the worst that can be expected is skin irritation. But even that isn't serious enough to cause trouble to you and your baby.

So if you are planning to make acai berry during pregnancy as part of your diet, that's alright, it's safe. In fact, it's even recommendable. But with everything else, it is highly recommended that you check your doctor's advice.

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take acai berry during pregnancy

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Acai Berries From the Amazon in Brazil? Know Their Source & History Here
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