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How to Increase Sperm Count - 10 Ways to Beat Low Sperm Count Naturally


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A low sperm count can lead to infertility and may result in years of trying to have a baby with no success. For any couple trying to conceive, it's important to discover how to increase sperm count to maximize your chances of conception. Here are ten things that you can do today if you are interesting in increasing low sperm count.

1. If you smoke, stop. Not only does smoking decrease sperm count, it also hampers sperm-cell motility.

2. Take your multivitamins. You may also want to take a natural fertility aid, such as Fertile XY.

3. Sleep. Something as common as sleep deprivation or insomnia can hurt your fertility. Make sure you're getting the sleep that you need if you want to increase your sperm count.

4. Exercise regularly, but don't overdo it. Exercise is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. It can even help your fertility. But intense exercise can lead to a testosterone deficiency that is caused by an elevated level of adrenal steroid hormones.

5. Relax. The role of stress in health problems, including fertility problems, can't be over-emphasized. High levels of stress will mess with your hormones. So take time to do things that you enjoy and learn some deep breathing or meditation techniques.

6. Don't let your scrotum overheat. This can lead to a low sperm count. So, buy some boxers, stay out of the hot tub, and don't put your laptop on your lap.

7. Eat right. If you go for a bag of chips when your hungry, now is the time to improve your eating habits. If you're eating meat with every meal, try just having it one or two times a day. Eat more fruits and vegetables.

8. Eat an orange. Are you getting enough vitamin C? Studies have found a correlation between low sperm count and lack of vitamin C. So add an orange or a grapefruit to your morning breakfast and you'll increase your sperm count.

9. Watch your weight. A healthy weight is important when it comes to both male and female fertility. Weight influences the level of testosterone and estrogen. If you are overweight or underweight, work on getting to a healthy weight, but don't try to change too quickly. Rapid weight loss or gain can also have an adverse affect on fertility.

10. Say goodbye to alcohol. You don't need to become a teetotaler, but if you are a moderate to heavy drinker you'll want to cut back. Also, if you do use recreational drugs like marijuana, you'll want to forgo those as well.

These are the top ten things that you can do to naturally increase sperm count. By making these simple changes, you'll find that you can beat a low sperm count and will have a better chance of conceiving.

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How To Increase Sperm Counts And Semen Volume Naturally?
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