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How to Have a Girl Baby


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If you've found this article, I have assume that you're trying or considering getting pregnant, really want a girl baby, and are researching the best ways to accomplish this.   While the highest degree of success is with artificial fertilization, I won't be discussing this method, because it is expensive and I do not have personal experience with it.   Instead, I will tell you how many women are successful in having a baby girl using natural methods that they can do themselves.   I'll also point out that criteria and variables that you must master if you are going to be successful.

If You Want To Have A Girl Baby, You Must Do The Following:

1. Focus On Foods: Studies show that women who conceive girl babies are more likely to skip breakfast and consume less than 2200 calories throughout the day.   But, there is a better way than just skipping breakfast and hoping for the best.   Actually, conceiving a baby girl is often more about consuming the foods that are going to raise your PH and acidity.   That's because achieving this will give the boy sperm a more unfriendly environment which will encourage them to weaken and die off more quickly. (They're naturally weaker anyway, but this can really help. )

This means eating a diet that is very high in acidic foods and very low in foods that will make your body more alkaline.

2. Tweak Your PH As Needed. Speaking of acidity and PH, I believe this process is much easier if you can literally see your results. This is possible if you use PH testing strips that take the mystery out of this process.   Some woman will naturally test much more acidic and some won't.   But, having this knowledge will allow you to see exactly how hard you're going to need to work.   (Hint, most women will have better results using a combination of douching and foods to reach their optimal PH, where conceiving a girl is much more likely.

3. Perfect Your Timing: I've already told you that the boy sperm are quite a bit weaker than the girl sperm.   And, girl sperm are also longer lived.   So, it's advisable to conceive earlier (up to 3-4 days before the egg can be fertilized), allowing the boy sperm time to make their escape before you get pregnant.   Make sure that the ovulation prediction method you're using is actually working well for you.   If you're having trouble with or have doubts about basal temperature or cervical mucus monitoring, consider investing in a reusable ovulation predictor (I prefer saliva) that leaves a lot less room for error.

4. Get Positioning Right: Most people know that different *** positions can help you conceive a daughter.   And, some people know that shallow penetration is preferable (because it gives the boy sperm a trip that is long enough so they die off on the way to the egg), but really take the time to determine what this means for you and your partner.   This will mean different things to different couples.   Height, weight, and other factors all make a difference.   Don't just assume that the spooning or rear positioning is the way to go.   Do what works best for your unique situation.

If You Really Want A Girl, Make Sure You're Doing All Of These: Where many people fall short is that they will try ONE of these methods and leave the others to chance.   To really be successful in having a girl baby, you'll need to master each one of these. And, it's best if you can actually monitor your progress using the strips and the predictors so you're leaving as little to chance as you possibly can.   It's best not to just guess.   Instead, you need to know, without a doubt, when the time is right.

Conceive A Girl is a website I put together to offer step by step instructions, hints, tips, and resources for couples wishing to conceive a baby girl. You'll find resources for douche recipes and food lists, as well as ovulation predictors and PH test strips. Take a look if you like at


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