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How to Conceive a Baby Girl Naturally


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It's pretty well known that if a couple is willing to pay a lot of money to a gender selection clinic there are artificial ways to get the gender that you want. However in today's economy, most couples and families can't afford the tens of thousands of dollars that it costs for these procedures that take the magic out of conceiving anyway. Luckily, there are many completely natural, non invasive methods that you can use right at home that won't cost you very much (most are free). This article will outline these natural techniques that can absolutely help to get you the pink nursery and the daughter that you really want.

Understanding The Sperm Chromosome Characteristics That Will Produce A Female Baby: One vital concept in natural gender selection is understanding that the sperm chromosomes that will produce a daughter or girl (X) and the ones that will produce a son (Y) behave very differently.

The sperm that will conceive a girl are slow and poky, but are very strong and stable. They can hang around for up to four days waiting for the egg without weakening or dying off. So conception methods that don't require speed but rely instead on strength is the best way to go here.

The sperm that will conceive a boy are quick and fast, but are very weak, (often breaking down and dying off in the vaginal canal after only a day or two. This process is even shorter if the vaginal tract is highly acidic. ) So if you want a boy, you need to use conception methods that don't require strength, but that rely upon speed instead.

Time And Schedule Conception During The Window Of Days That Will Favor A Baby Girl: Since the girl sperm are very hardy and aren't compromised by waiting for the egg as the boy sperm are, you can afford to conceive about three days prior to ovulation.

Doing so will allow the boy sperm time to die off before ovulation (when the egg is released).

However, you need to stop trying to conceive after that third day prior. If you don't, you will allow the fast, boy sperm to be present in the race for the egg (a race that the girl sperm would likely lose because of its slowness).

Yes, this technically wastes a lot of days in your “fertility window", but if you want to accurately plan for a girl conception, this is how you must do it to maximize your odds.

Obviously then, it's vital that you know, can anticipate for, and plan for exactly when you ovulate. There are a couple methods that are typically used to do this. Commonly used natural methods are taking your temperature and evaluating the consistency of your cervical mucus. However, in my experience, these leave a lot of room for error and misinterpretation. In short, too much is left to chance. These methods are just hit or miss.

It's better to predict ovulation using a method that gives you an easy to read yes or no answer. Ovulation predictor kits can do this, but I prefer the kits that test saliva rather than urine as I believe they are more accurate and they are cheaper since you can reuse them over and over. You can also test at any time repeatedly through out the day (without needing to use first morning urine) so you can see changes as they happen.

Use The *** Positions Which Will Increase Your Odds Of Having A Daughter: Since the boy sperm are so weak and vulnerable, it makes sense to have intercourse in such a way that makes their journey to the egg as long and hostile as possible (I know this sounds ruthless, but you're only trying to stack the odds in your favor).

One very useful way to do this if you're trying to have a girl is to use *** positions that place the sperm as far away from the cervix and waiting egg as possible (for most this is shallow penetration. )

Raise Acidity And PH To Create A Hostile Environment That Would Favor Conceiving A Girl: Other than not timing your conception and ovulation correctly, having an acidity or PH that is not high enough to weed out the boy sperm is probably the biggest mistake that couples wanting a baby girl make. It doesn't make sense to time your conception with razor sharp accuracy and use the correct intercourse positions only to fail when it comes to creating a harsh enough vaginal environment which is the final piece of the puzzle.

The first step in this process is to test how naturally acidic you really are (if you are naturally alkaline you will have to be very aggressive about changing this. ) You can obtain PH testing strips to do this at a health food store or online.

Once you know where you fall on the scale, you can raise your acidity and PH in a few ways. The first way is by going on a special PH diet in which you will consume acidic foods and avoid alkaline foods. The foods in the diet will be pretty specific based on your testing results, but it will be worth it at the end of the journey.

The other way to significantly raise your acidity is by douching with formulas and recipes based again upon your results. This is cheap and effective and you can use this immediately before intercourse.

An aggressive combination of these two methods will make a high enough PH / acidity to conceive a girl come about more quickly, but you can get there with food alone if you don't want to douche. You'll just need to give yourself a bit more time to obtain the best results.

As you are tweaking your acidity, you can see how close you are to reaching the “girl fertility zone" by testing every couple of days to monitor your progress. Then, you'll know exactly when you are ready (and when you've arrived at the best time) to conceive the girl baby you want.

I've put together a website that takes a lot of the guess work out of conceiving a girl You'll find step by step instructions, resources for the food lists, specialty douche recipes, saliva ovulation predictors, and PH testing strips discussed in this article. Have a look if you like at


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