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3 Tips to Be Successful With Post Pregnancy Weight Loss


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Every woman has an issue with post pregnancy weight loss! We have become so used to slowly growing bigger and bigger, then when our babies finally come out of hiding we are left with a bigger version than our smaller pre-pregnancy selves. This can be quite hard to get used to.  We were just getting used to carrying a baby and now we are left with another physical change.

However, there are a few things we can do to get back to our ‘normal’ selves quickly! The 3 things that will help you with post pregnancy weight loss are breastfeeding, diet and exercise.

Breastfeeding is the easiest one, once you have established it with your little one.  Yes the first few weeks can be tough breastfeeding, but not only is it completely worth it, it will help you lose weight quickly.  You will also find its convenience will let you concentrate on other things like your diet and exercise (instead of sterilizing bottles and preparing formula).  Of course this doesn't mean you can tuck into junk food all the time (this should be avoided anyway because some of that will be going into baby's milk!).  However it does give you a little more time to sort out your diet while you lose weight with it.

If you are not breastfeeding or have stopped or your weight loss from breastfeeding has come to a halt and the last few pounds left you want rid of are stuck to you like glue, then diet is crucial in making things work.  During pregnancy, I am sure, just like me, you allowed yourself some treats and were not really concerned about your weight then.  But that sweet tooth needs to go if you want to be successful.  How can you do this? Eat lots of fruit.  Eat fruit before each meal and as much as you desire and you will have less desire for other sweets things.  If you comfort eat when you are stressed and are finding your life with a new baby stressful then exercise can help to de-stress you and hopefully help you curb your cravings.

Exercise should be enjoyable to you though, otherwise it will just be another stressor in your life that will make staying away from junk food that little bit harder.  Going for walks with your baby everyday is great.  You will also get the benefit of fresh air and sunlight which are two very important components to healthy living.  They will also help with your mood.  If you want to do something at home, you could try some yoga or Pilates.  This again will help with any stress.

If you remember anything though - be it to make weight loss something enjoyable and not a chore.  If you don't enjoy the food you eat, or the exercise you part take in, you will not lose weight - well you might do, but to get there will be a much more mentally challenging experience.  It may even cause you to put it all back on, because once you reach your goal you made feel like not doing those things anymore.  So enjoy it, embrace your slip-ups and don't beat yourself up and make it a part of your lifestyle, not something you do to get rid of weight.

Hi, My name is Kelly and I am the mother of a beautiful baby boy named Callum! I, too, worried about how I was going to lose my pregnancy weight fast, successfully and for good. To read my story Click Here

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