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Conceive a Girl With These Tips


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If you've found this article, you probably already know that there are natural things that you can do at home to stack the odds greatly in your favor of having a daughter. This article will discuss natural, inexpensive (most are free), non invasive ways to help you conceive a girl.

Know Exactly When To Conceive To Get A Girl Baby: Many people assume that because the sperm chromosomes that will produce a girl baby are hardier, stronger, and longer lasting than their boy counterparts, it's actually easier to conceive a girl than a boy. While this may be true for some women (especially those who are naturally acidic), it does require very precise timing and merging ovulation and conception seamlessly. I'll explain.

Girl sperm can live for 3 - 4 days in the vaginal tract, which means that you should conceive about three days prior to ovulation. This will encourage the weaker boy sperm to die off before the egg is ready to be fertilized. However, it's also important that you stop trying to conceive two days prior ovulation. This is because you don't want to allow speedy, viable, boy sperm racing with the slow girl sperm for the egg.

For this reason, you must know precisely when you ovulate. Some women use natural methods like monitoring cervical mucus or basal temperature, but this never worked for me. It left too much room for misinterpretation and error - which can be the difference between conceiving a male or a female. I found that saliva ovulation predictors were extremely accurate, reusable, and inexpensive.

Use The Correct *** Intercourse Positions That Will Produce A Daughter: So, we've established that the girl sperm can live for a long time in the vaginal tract while the weaker boy sperm can not. Well, it makes sense then to give the boy sperm as long of a trip to the egg as we can manage.

The girl sperm are slow, yes, but they can survive long enough to make the trip. Using *** positions that allow for shallow penetration and place the sperm as far away from the cervix and egg as possible will help to achieve this.

Create A High, Hostile Vaginal Acidity And PH: Hopefully, I've already established that it's vital to time conception in such a way that it stacks the odds against having a boy. Another way to do this is to create a vaginal environment that is hostile to the sperm that would create a baby boy.

This means getting a high, acidic PH. There are two ways to do this. Perhaps the easiest is by douching with specific solutions. You can also raise PH by going on a special diet that has you consuming acidic foods and avoiding alkaline foods. The fastest way to get these results is by combining both methods, but you can do it through food alone if you are opposed to douching.

One thing that can make this process easier is testing your acidity using PH testing strips. This will tell you exactly where you fall and how far you need to go to get ready to conceive a girl. Some women are naturally highly acidic, but many are not. It's important to know where you fall going in so that you can plan accordingly.

I've put together a website which I hope will take a lot of the guess work out of conceiving a girl . You'll find resources for the food lists, specialty douche recipes, saliva ovulation predictors, and PH testing strips discussed in this article. Have a look if you like at


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An Acidic Diet to Conceive a Girl - How and Why it Works
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