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Conceive a Boy With These Tips


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If you're trying to get pregnant with a boy, you probably already know or suspect that there are natural methods and things that you can do at home to greatly increase your odds of having a son. This article will discuss all natural, inexpensive (often free), non invasive things that you can do to have a boy baby.

Timing Conception And Ovulation To Conceive A Boy Requires Exact Precision: First, I should explain the different characteristics between sperm chromosomes that will produce a boy and those that will produce a girl. Boy sperm are very fast, but are weaker than girl sperm. They begin to die off after only a few days whereas girl sperm can last for up to three to four days. If you try to conceive too early if you want a boy, all of the male sperm will die off before the egg is ready to be fertilized.

For a boy, you should conceive on the day of or the day after ovulation. (If you wanted a girl, you would have intercourse three days before ovulation. ) Any earlier than this will be too early because the boy sperm will be gone before the egg is ready.

Obviously, then, it's vital that you know exactly when your ovulation happens. There are many ways to predict this, including basal temperature, cervical mucus monitoring, etc. Some of these leave a lot of room for error though and you need to be very precise here. I recommend saliva ovulation predictors since there are so accurate, reusable, and inexpensive.

Sexual Positions To Conceive A Boy Baby: The boy sperm are fast, but they are also weak. So, you want them to spend as little time as possible in a hostile vaginal environment that could cause them to weaken, deteriorate, or die off. One way that you can give them a shorter trip is by using intercourse positions that place the sperm as close to the cervix and egg as possible - i. e.deep penetration.

Lowering A High PH / Turning A Hostile Environment Into An Alkaline One: A high vaginal PH / high acidity favors having a baby girl because the boy sperm can not withstand this hostile environment.

You can check your vaginal acidity with PH testing strips (you can get these online or at health food stores), but most women who are trying to have a boy will need to lower it. There are two ways to lower your PH. The first is through douching with specific formulas based on your reading. This is inexpensive and you can do this right before you conceive. The other is by consuming an alkaline diet and by avoiding acidic foods. I believe a combination of both methods yields the fastest and most dramatic results, but you can get there by just using the diet if you are opposed to douching. It may take a bit longer, and you'll have to be diligent, but you can always monitor with the strips to see how you are doing and how far you need to go.

There are douche recipes and food lists available that can make this process easier and inexpensive. I've put together a website that takes a lot of the guess work out of conceiving a boy . You'll find resources for the food lists, specialty douche recipes, saliva ovulation predictors, and PH testing strips discussed in this article. Have a look if you like at


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