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Need a Little Help to Conceive? - Here Are Some Great Tips For Getting Pregnant

Julie Gardner

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Every now and again, we all need a little help in our lives. Whether it's cooking the dinner, or just needing a little advice from a friend. Occasionally we need help with something a little more personal, so if you're trying to conceive and it seems a long winding road, or if you're just starting down that conception highway, here are a few tips for getting pregnant.

Most young women will experiment with a *** relationship at some time in their early years. These early years are normally spent trying not to get pregnant.

As we get older and move into a more mature frame of mind, we may have a steady relationship now, we may be married. But at some stage most women will think about becoming a parent.

Now that we want to get pregnant, we may find that it's not quite as easy as we once thought. There will always be a percentage of women who will never need these tips for getting pregnant. It will happen to them instantly on their first try, these women are extremely lucky. For most couples, who are active, fit and lead a healthy lifestyle, they still only have around a 30% chance of getting pregnant each month. Everything has to be timed just right!

As we get older the percentage drops. Not so easy to conceive as we were once led to believe!

A few great tips for getting pregnant

There is no guarantee of conceiving, but if you're looking for a little help getting pregnant, then here are a few tips that helped me on the way.

  • Know when you ovulate. Buy an ovulation testing kit, or monitor you BBT (basal body temperature) Your egg will only live for around 24 hours after it is released, so it's vital that you know when this will, or is happening.
  • Have sex a couple of days before ovulation and then again on the day of ovulation. Sperm can live for several days, so keep a constant flow.
  • Don't have sex everyday! This will lower the quality of the sperm.
  • Keep to a healthy lifestyle, eat healthily, drink only in moderation (not at all is better) and don't smoke.
  • This I found to be one of the best tips for getting pregnant, have sex first thing in the morning! Sperm is much more active first thing (After 3 years of trying to conceive this tip worked first time!)
  • Relax! If you stress out constantly, you may struggle to get pregnant, learn to chill out a little. You don't want sex to become a chore, so keep it fun and light, and you may get a pleasant surprise.

Sometimes it's some of the silliest idea's that help in getting pregnant, so I wish you lots of luck on your journey to becoming a mum!

To see more tips for getting pregnant, to learn about ovulation and find out the best position to get pregnant, then join me, Julie at

I'm Julie, mum of two beautiful kids! After trying for 3 years to get pregnant with my first child, and then knowing nothing about babies when he did come along. I picked up loads of great advice along the way. I have created my web site to help ease women naturally into motherhood. So grab a cuppa and take a look around my site, dedicated to all the mothers of the world, new and not so new! Motherhood is a joyous occasion, make it the best time in your life!


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