Pregnancy Preparation: Who is a Baby Whisperer?


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A baby whisper is a Dr. Mommy who inspires and instructs new Moms on building strong connections with their babies.

By learning a practice of simple and effective techniques, Moms can learn to whisper relaxing phrases to their babies before birth as the baby grows, and during and after delivery.

Why is this Practice Important?

Scientific research shows that when Mom is stessed before or after the birth the baby is stress as well. When Mom has higher level of stress hormones, the fetus heart beats faster. In other words, when Mom feels stress, the baby in the womb feels stress.

Infants also pick up on Mom's anxiety. When levels of stress hormones become too high for extended periods mental or physical health can suffer. Again, when Mom feels anxiety, the infant feels anxiety.

And the opposite is true as well.

When Mom is relaxed, the baby in the womb is relaxed. When Mom is peaceful, the infant is peaceful too.

How and Why I Learned to Do This

"In 1973 I decided to do natural childbirth. Although I found the Lamaze techniques quite helpful, I needed more. I wish I had headphones and a tape with a soothing and familiar voice that talked me through a relaxation sequence. When I took Christopher Brett home I was a bundle of nerves and would have welcomed a comforting voice for both of us! Over the years I have worked successfully with new Moms using these techniques. One Mom laughed that the nurses were very curious about her headgear during labor. "

Practice Makes Perfect

When Mom learns to soothe herself, of “self-soothe, " the baby learns how to “self-soothe" both in the womb and after delivery.

The more a mom learns how to relax and be peaceful, the baby will feel relaxed and peaceful. This is crucial, because according to Neuroscientist Wayne Drevets, MD observes, in the brain, “Practice makes permanent. "

Dr. Linda Miles is a Mother and Grandmother with over 30 years of experience inn the field of mental health and specialized training in relaxation techniques.


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