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How to Conceive a Baby Girl


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If you're thinking of a pink baby nursery and all of the fun things you could do as the parent of a daughter, you probably already suspect that there are things you can do at home that will greatly increase your chances of achieving this goal. This article will discuss (step by step) how to conceive a girl baby and why these natural, at home methods and tips work if followed diligently and correctly.

Why The Way You're Trying To Conceive May Not Be The Best Way To Get A Girl Baby: The way that most couples are advised to conceive actually favors having a baby boy. Why? Because most people will pinpoint a broad “fertility window" wherein they're most likely to conceive. Then, couples will try to have intercourse as many times as possible during this time period, hoping that one of the attempts will be successful and will result in pregnancy.

While this method can be very effective if you want to leave the sex of your baby to chance, if you want to have a girl, then this isn't the best way. I'll explain.

First, you need to understand that the sperm's chromosomes that will produce a girl baby are slow, but are very hardy and strong. In contrast, the boy sperm are faster, but weaker. Therefore, your attempts to conceive a female should exploit the boy sperm's weakness and take great advantage of the strength and longevity of the girl sperm.

Step One: Time Your Ovulation Correctly And Conceive Well Before The Egg Is Available: Since the girl sperm can live for days while waiting for the egg and boy sperm can not, you should conceive about three days before ovulation. You need to be very accurate with this because if you're too late, your reproductive tract will have many more viable, quick boy sperm waiting to race for the egg. There are many ways to predict ovulation, but many leave too much room for error. I recommend saliva ovulation predictors because they are inexpensive, very reliable, reusable, and allow you to pinpoint changes by the hour.

Step Two: Create A Highly Acidic Vaginal Environment With A High PH: Since the boy sperm are weak and can not withstand a hostile environment for long, an important step in this process is to create the vaginal environment that the girl sperm can withstand, but is also hostile to boy sperm.

There are two ways to do this. The first is through foods (consuming an acidic diet and avoiding alkaline foods. ) The other way to do this is through douching. Gender selection clinics sell specialty douches for as high as $450, but there are resources that allow you to make them at home.

This process will be easier to accomplish if you first know your vaginal PH going into the process. You can easily find this out using PH testing strips. Once you have this number, you'll then know how far you have to go before you're “in the girl fertility zone. "

Some women are naturally acidic and some aren't. But no matter where you fall, you can definitely change your PH with a bit of effort and diligence. It's faster and easier combining both foods and douching, but it can be achieved with foods alone if you're opposed to douching. It may take a bit longer though, especially if you're naturally alkaline.

Step Three: Use Specific Intercourse / *** Positions To Give Boy Sperm A Long, Difficult Trip To The Egg: You want to place sperm as far away from your cervix as possible. The girl sperm can withstand a long, hostile trip to the egg while the boy sperm can not. For most couples, shallow penetration accomplishes this.

Conceive A Girl is a website that offers hints, tips, and natural, inexpensive methods for couples wishing to conceive a baby girl, (as well as a resources for the $450 gender selection specialty douche recipe and lists of foods to alter vaginal acidity and PH, as mentioned in this article). Visit us at


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An Acidic Diet to Conceive a Girl - How and Why it Works
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